Ece Running Record Essay

Name of Student: Katelyn Tohosky Due Date: 02/07/2013 ECE 201: Running Record Observation Assignment Name of the child/Identifier: Bryson Age: 4 Date of Observation: 02/06/2013 Time of Observation: 9:30 to 9:40 AM Place of Observation: Classroom Context of Observation: Free Time Time| Objective Reporting Section| Comments| 9:30 AM9:35 AM| Bryson hops to the play kitchen area - Ece Running Record Essay introduction|| Objective Reporting Section| Comments| 9:30 AM9:35 AM| Bryson hops to the play kitchen area. He says “Hi” to Angelina who is stirring in a pot. Bryson: “What you cooking? ”Angelina: “Im making spaghetti. ”Bryson: “Yum, I lo-o-ove spaghetti!

Can I make some chicken for it too? ”Angelina: “Yes please! Chickens’ yummy with the twirly kind-a sketti. ”Bryson opens the bottom cupboard and takes out a pot. He walks over to the basket and takes out the plastic chicken pieces and drops them into the pot. He carries the pot back over to the stove and starts stirring the chicken in the pot with his finger. Angelina: “Here, use a spoon so you don’t get a boo-boo from touching the hot water. ” Angelina hands Bryson a spoon. Bryson: “Oh, thank you! ”Bryson stops stirring the chicken with the spoon and bends down to open the oven.

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He takes 2 pot holders off of the hook on the kitchen set and grabs the pot and places it into the oven and closes the door. Bryson then begins to sniff the air. Bryson: “Mmmm, that smells so good! ”Angelina: “Is it ready yet? My belly is starting to growl. ”Bryson opens the oven door and uses the spoon to poke at the chicken. Bryson: “I think it’s ready! ”| Acknowleges other student in kitchen area. Mannerful. Asks if he can join her to play. General knowledge of what is done in the kitchen to make a meal. Must watch/help Mommy at home.

Very good imagination. | 9:40 AM| Bryson takes 2 plates out of the cupboard and skips over to the table and places both plates down, one in front of each chair. Bryson and Angelina take a piece of chicken and use the spoon to scoop some spaghetti onto their plates, and walk over to the table to sit down and pretend to eat their meal. Bryson raises his arms in the air and says,Bryson: “Wow, that was awesome! ”Angelina: “That was fantastic! We are the bestest cooks ever! ”Bryson begins to take the plates and place them in the sink. He tarts to make running water noises and rubs his hand in circles on the plate. Angelina takes the plates from him and runbs a towel on them and places everything back into the cupboards. | Shows enthusiasm with expressions and gestures. No issues communicating with other students. | Summary: Bryson shows that he is very comfortable in the classroom setting. He seems very comfortable with engaging with other students and shows confidence when doing so. Bryson is not afraid to ask another student if he can play and incorporate his own ideas.

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