ECIS Essay

Performance Optimizer – Mcafee Clinic performance optimizer performs many different operations to boost computer performance.It can purge unnecessary internet files that are simply taking up space on your computer, free up space on your computer that is being used by unused programs and useless files, perform various checks to improve system performance, and keep your system updated to make sure it is up-to-date with the latest hardware drivers and software.

Personal Firewall – Personal firewall prevents hackers from hacking into you computer, filters applications, system services, and protocols to monitor network activity, informs you when another computer is trying to communicate with yours, secure your internet connection, protects your personal data, and tracks your internet connection.

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Wireless Security – Wireless Security offers groundbreaking security for handhelds, protects data from the latest threats, finds new hardware add-ons, offers, and resident virus and Trojan protection, up-to-the-minute virus news and more on your wireless Palm.

Window Washer automates the cleaning of system and internet files, improves internet and system speed, recovers and maximizes disk space, and protects your system and internet privacy.

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