Economic for Api Oil Water Separator Essay

Economic Labour: 3 people (8 hr - Economic for Api Oil Water Separator Essay introduction. /ppl) Installation+capital cost: $1,835,202. 809 Utility: Utilities| Quality| Electricity (pump 70 KW ? 8 pumps)| 560 KW| Service water | 224,779. 5 kg/hr. | Maintenance: $13,499 /year The wastewater from oil refinery plant will store in the decant tank before go to the CPI oil/water separator process. Due to the condition if CPI separator needs the temperature around 50°C but the wastewater from oil refinery has temperature high to 107°C. Therefore the heat exchanger needs to present in this process.

The amount of wastewater is 14,000 m3day-1 so three heat exchanges need to present for separate the flow rate. Pump will apply in each heat exchanger or other part in this process that have to transfer the wastewater. Pumps (Single state centrifugal) The pumps that present in this process are centrifugal pump because the water contains more oil. For pump use with heat exchanger will transfer the flow rate of water about 54 L/sec (for each pump) and the area of heat exchanger calculate from the diameter 1. 2 m. and long about 8 m. (according from part 2). For three heat exchanger will get Ce = 33,844.

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Economic for Api Oil Water Separator
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86 The pump for service water will present 3 pumps. Due to the service water will apply in the process depend on the control system or the season change so the flow rate approximately to 150 L/sec. The Ce can calculate by use the data in SINNOTT book this Ce include the cooling water and pump that use in this process. For three service water tank will get Ce = 623,042. 35 The free oil pump will remove free oil and some water from CPI tan and sent it to incinerator. The flow rate of this pump will calculate from the flow rate of free oil and water that is 16 L/sec (according from mass balance in part 2). So the value of Ce = 7506.

48 The sludge pump will remove sludge and some water and sent it to the dewatering process. The flow rate for this pump includes the flow rate if sludge and water that is 1. 14 L/sec (according from mass balance in part 2). So the value of Ce = 7036. 048 Heat Exchanger The heat exchangers that use in this process are shell and tube heat exchanger. Due to the amount of wastewater is 162 L/sec so the flow rate will divide into three stream and feed in each heat exchanger. The area of heat exchanger will accord part 2 that is 32. 4 m2 (calculate by use diameter of shell = 1. 2 m and heat exchanger long = 8 m).

Therefore will get the Ce = 91,293. 288 CPI separator Due to the CPI separator construction by rectangular concrete tank and installed underground and inside of CPI tank will has the plate pack, baffle ect. Therefore the cost of CPI will calculate base on the document from CPI company [ ( Washington State Department of Ecology, 2011) ] and from the document the rang of flow rate between 20 – 44,900 gpm will have the unit cost and construction cost in range $10,322 – $2,580,322. For this project the flow rate that will operate in CPI separator is 2568. 4 gpm so approximate the cost about $30,000 Pipe

The pipe that use in this process is stainless steel. C = (33,884. 86+623,042. 35+7506. 48+7036. 048+91,293. 288)[(1+0. 6)(0. 3)+(0. 5+0. 2+0. 3+0. 3+0. 2+0. 1)] C = 755,686. 978 x 2. 08 = $1,571,828. 914 + CPI cost C = $1,571,828. 914 + CPI cost = $1,571,828. 914 + $30,000 = $1,601,828. 914 Maintenance cost [ ( Washington State Department of Ecology, 2011) ] For maintenance cost will according to the [ ( Washington State Department of Ecology, 2011) ] document, the maintenance cost 0. 00001 ($/gallons treated). The waster treated per year is 1,349,918,920 gallon/year so the maintenance cost is $13499. 2

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