Economics and Respiratory Ailments Essay

To the Kardell Paper Co. Board of Directors: There are many concerns that the employees of Kardell Paper Co. have regarding the contamination of the community water and the safety of the employees working in the plant. The first concern of the Kardell employees is the high levels of Sonox located within the water due to a lack of government regulations on the waste water. The employees of Kardell fell that something should be done to address the issue.

This leads to our next concern of a loss of employment due to the process of upgrading the company to be more environmentally friendly.

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Economics and Respiratory Ailments
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The closing of the plant for one year would also affect the local economy due to the high levels of newly unemployed Kardell workers. The employees of Kardell would like to see the Sonox levels in the river dropping without resulting in job loss or economic hardship. If the investigations on the health effects of Sonox prove to be true, the Kardell employees must put aside their financial needs and think about the community as a whole.

If Sonox is found to be the cause of miscarriage, birth defects, and respiratory ailments the employees of Kardell Paper Co. feel that the additional costs and closing of the plant are necessary to protect the health of the Kardell employees as well as those individuals within the community (Brooks, 2007). References Brooks, L. J. (2007). Business & professional ethics for directors, executives, & accountants (4th ed. ). Mason, OH: Thomson Southwestern.

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