Ecotourism Statistical Fact Sheet

Tourism is often described as the world’s “biggest industry” on the basis of its contribution to global GDP, the number of jobs it generates and the number of client it serves - Ecotourism Statistical Fact Sheet introduction. The rate at which tourism continues to grow presents both opportunities and threats for biodiversity conservation. Over the past three decades, major losses of virtually every kind of natural habitat and the decline and extinction of species have occurred. Many of the ecosystems in decline provide attractions for tourism development.

These include coastal and marine areas, coral reefs, mountains, and rainforests, which support a wide range of activities, including beach tourism, skiing, trekking, and wildlife viewing. Increased human activities, such as logging, clearing land for agriculture, hunting and gathering fuel-wood, are degrading both protected areas and the land surrounding them. As a non-extractive activity, Ecotourism or “Green Tourism” offers a sustainable way of using these areas and an opportunity to promote sustainable social and economic development.

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In many fragile ecosystems, tourism has been growing and increasingly linked to the unique natural environments and biodiversity found in these areas. Maintaining an un-spoilt and attractive destination contributes greatly to visitor satisfaction, conserves the area’s biodiversity and contributes to the well being of local people. Based on the above excerpt, “Ecotourism offers a sustainable way of using these areas and an opportunity to promote sustainable social and economic development”.

Task You are to conduct a background information and research. Submit an individual typed written report (include relevant diagrams) between 1000 – 1500 words stating and covering on any one of the followings:1. Ecotourism or “Green Tourism” could achieve the above objectives. Or 2. “Energy versus Environment” – Emerging reports of pollution and warnings of looming environmental disasters i. e. Environmental & Ecological/Biodiversity Impacts.

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