Ectopic Pregnancy HESI RN Case Studies

Which test does the RN anticipate that the HCP will order after considering…
CBC,UA,hCG,McBurney’s, Urine Preg Test
Based on the provided results, the RN can infer which…
Darlene does not have a UTI, but is preg
what is the function of hCG
hCG is produced during pregnancy. It can help support…progesterone
What would be the RN’s appropriate response to the client?
it is not uncommon for spotting
Why does the RN ask Darlene these questions?
the HCP wants to rule out ectopic pregnancy
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Ectopic Pregnancy HESI RN Case Studies
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Use Nagele’s rule, what is jane’s estimated due date (EDD)
How should the RN explain ectopic pregnancy to Darlene and James
fertilized ovum outside of the uterus
What is the best way for the RN to respond?
you will be screened
How should the RN respond to the Darlene?
lay term for spontaneous abortion
What is the correct term for
missed abortion
which term is used
threatened abortion
which statement by the couple
septic abortion
what is the best response
you will need
Now that the couple
serial beta hCG,

darlene will receive an inj of methotrexate today and poss a 2nd dose of methotrexate on day 7

the RN

Which statement made by the nursing
Pregnant nursing staff
What are approved
Hydatidiform mole, severe psoriasis, leukemias
According to OSHA agency
Gloves, mask, eye shield and gown
What information should the Rn give the client
Avoid alcohol, any unrelieved pain, avoid folic acid, double flush the toilet
RN leaves to gather supplies
RN should stop the student nurse
which statement supports
how have you dealt with loss in the past
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