Edmund Campion, Hero of God's Underground - Hero Essay Example

Book Report of Edmund Campion, Hero of God’s Undergound
The year that Queen Elizabeth I abolish Catholicism some Catholic priests and brave men started to secretly teach and profess the Faith - Edmund Campion, Hero of God's Underground introduction. One of those brave men Edmund Campion became the first martyr of the Queen Elizabeth I era. Catholicism was abolished. In his book Edmund Campion Hero of God’s Underground, Harold C. Gardiner S.J., tells how Edmund Campion became honored among martyrs of England through his faith, humility and moral courage.

Edmund Campion was a man of faith and he died for that faith. Edmund Campion’s conversion began when he started studying theology and early Church Fathers. His friends tried to dissuade him from the true faith but with a bright mind and keen intellect, he kept searching for the truth. A letter from his old friend Gregory Martin, who had moved to Douai, France to become a priest encouraged him to embrace the true faith. Finally, he demonstrates his faith by becoming a priest to devote his life that same faith. In a final act of heroism, he suffered through an agonizing torture and death for his Church. Although a man of great intellect and ability, Father Campion was humble. He gave up a possible high position and the favor of the Queen in England. He left the country and when he re-entered he was considered a low-life fugitive priest. When he came back as an outlaw priest, he wanted Fr. Persons, who was younger than him, to be his superior. He acknowledged the Queen’s civil authority even though the government was hunting him and wanted to kill him. Still, in heavenly matters, he recognized and submitted to the authority of the Catholic Church. Ultimately he showed humility by dying for Christ. This book gives many examples of Edmund Campion’s moral courage. Fr. Campion never gave up trying to spread his faith. Fr. Campion showed his courage when he snuck back into England as a jewel merchant. This took much bravery because he knew he would be killed if the English authorities discovered him. He boldly writes to explain that he is willing to die for Christ which became known as “Campion’s Brag.” He does not seal this profession when he hands it over to his friend. This would allow the brag to be circulated. He knew that this would give encouragement to English Catholic but also anger the authorities. Father Campion showed extreme moral courage when he pays the ultimate price in his suffering and death for Christ. This book truly showed the greatness of Fr. Edmund Campion.


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He led a virtuous life of faith, humility and moral courage which prepared him for the ultimate sacrifice. He gave up everything including his life to save the faith in England. His martyrdom brought about conversions in England. It shows how we should follow the Faith even when it is perilous.

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