Educated And Uneducated Parents Essay

A school comprises children with diverse demeanors.

Attributing all their qualities to the educational background of their parents is not stating the whole truth. Although children get influenced by their parents to a great extent, there are other sources of influence which should not be overlooked.Children do not stay at home with their parents throughout their childhood. Children who are over five or six may spend their days in a school where they interact with other children.

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Educated And Uneducated Parents
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The kind of friends they make at school leave an impact on their behavioral pattern.

The parents may be oblivious to the children’s circle of friends in most of the cases.The influence of films and television on the tender ones also deserves serious attention. The exposure to the violence on screen at an age when they try to emulate whatever they perceive will adversely affect their conduct.

They will later react to their peers with the same aggressiveness and the aftermath will be the birth of juvenile delinquents.

Educational background of the parents cannot be considered as the only factor, which influences a child’s nature. The father of the child maybe a well educated person and at the same time a drug addict or a wife abuser .The maltreatment of his mother at the hands of his father turns him to be an aggressive and restless child.

In such a case the educational qualifications of a parent are overshadowed by his rude behavior in moulding the character of a child.One cannot compile an exhaustive list of all the factors, which go up to construct the behavior of children. But a lot depends on the circumstances in which they are brought up and the external factors, which influence their thinking. Passing the buck solely to parents lack of education does not put the issue on a proper perspective.

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