Education in Kazakhstan Essay

1. Before traveling to school. kids attend kindergartens until they are six or seven.

2. Compulsory instruction begins in our state at the age of seven. when kids go to primary school.3.

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Education in Kazakhstan
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The secondary phase begins from the fifth signifier when kids start analyzing a batch of new topics. such as Literature. History. Natural Sciences and others.

4. Examinations are taken at the terminal of the 9-th and the 11-th signifiers.5. Some kids may go forth school after the 9-th signifier and go on their instruction at vocational or proficient schools or colleges.

6. Besides secondary schools there are other types of schools in Kazakhstan. There are specialised secondary schools with intensive survey of a certain topic. for illustration Foreign Languages.

Literature. Physicss and others.7. There are besides specialised art.

music. concert dance and athletics schools for talented kids and particular schools for disabled kids.8. Secondary instruction in our state is free of charge.

Among secondary schools there are secondary schools. colleges and secondary schools most of them are private.

9. There are institutes.

schools of higher instruction. universities and academies among higher educational establishments.10. In 1992 Kazakhstan system of higher instruction adopted the western theoretical account – a 4 old ages class of surveies with acquiring the Bachelor grade after graduation and a 2 old ages class of survey with acquiring the Master’s grade after graduation.

11. In order to come in a higher educational establishment immature people have to take an entryway scrutiny. Merely those who successfully pass entryway testing are admitted free of charge. In other instances instruction is given on the commercial footing.

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