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Education is the most important part of our lives.

Like Belizaires mother said, education is the most important thing in life. In my life, like Belizaires mother, I had my father and my mother tell me, that education is the most important. They were telling me that education is something that I am going to keep for the rest of my life whatever happens. Whatever, I am going to do in my life education is the step, which I am going to use.

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Nowadays, education is like the identity for the people. Education is the thing that I come from Greece, and the educational system there is very difficult compared to other countries. I started school with very good teachers, and that helped me a lot, at the beginning. I had a good base, and I was a pretty good student. The truth is that I didnt like to read too much. I could understand everything very easy bad I was lazy.

Once again, my parents helped me at that part of my life, and put me at the correct path. When I was in junior high school besides my school as a student, I wanted to be a water polo athlete also. At the beginning it was easy to combine these two, but after while, as I was growing things started getting tough. My ambitions were more; I wanted to be a good athlete and a good student. That meant that I had more hours of practice and less hours to study. It wasnt something easy; I had to wake up five in the morning to go for practice and after that eight oclock I had to be at school. When school was over, I had to go at my house to eat and study, because six oclock till eight in the evening I had to go for practice again. At the and of the day I was exhausted, till the next day in which I had to It was a very difficult program to follow. Nevertheless, I had the support of my parents that helped me. When I graduate from high school I had to make a very difficult decision. I had to decide to be a water polo player as a professional, or to continue my studies. I was garbled in thought. I was eighteen years old, and I had to make the most important decision of my life. It was the most important decision, because I had to follow whatever I decide for the rest of my life. I wanted to continue, studying and playing water As a sportsperson, I have seen athletes with great athletic history and career that decided to follow only water polo. After their retirement, it was very disappointing for me because some of themcontinued their life and they could hardly survive financially. They didnt work in good places and their lifestyle was much worse since the time they had become athletes. I had some friends as an example for me who achieved both education and sports. I tried to gain information from their experience, and they provided me with valuable Eventually, my decision was to go and study in the United States. It was very difficult decision for me, but I had the chance to study while I was playing water polo and I grabbed that chance. I believe that I did the best for me and my future and that I will be someone at least with good education. Bibliography:

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