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Honestly, I had a hard time thinking what would be the current researches that were present in the institutions which could be done in Ateneo de Naga because with the new technologies that the institutions and the universities are using in which our school doesn’t have yet - Educational Tour introduction. Like for instance in the International Rice Research Institute, their current research is to come up with a new breed of rice in which could resist disasters such as flood and typhoons. With, the status of our school and our place here in Camarines Sur, we do not have the appropriate place and weather to conduct a similar research.

With regards with the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), the institutions presented an overview of their researchers but not in a detailed way due to time constraints. Included of their researchers were the Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Fertilizers, researches on bacteria (microbiology) like the Water Testing, and many more. But, they weren’t able to discuss it further and in detail thus I wonder how they were able to conduct their researches. They were just able to roam us around in their laboratories, and we have witnessed their gadgets and most of it was new to my eyes.


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New technologies were also my concerns in St. Luke’s Medical Center. I was awed by the gadgets, especially on the Electron Microscope, I had lot of new lessons and I have fed my eyes and mind by those. I am interested with the researches of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH) and I would have wanted to know it better but due to time constraints, they weren’t able to discuss it in detail. But, if I will have the opportunity, I wanted to go back. But honestly, I and my partner were still working with our potential topic for our thesis and we needed more time to come up with a plausible one.

Based from the lecture sessions conducted, I believe that we have lot of future and present gains from BIOTECH as applied in health care, crop production, agriculture, food and environment. It is because with the current status of our country which is still developing, the researches of Biotech are a great help for the progress and development of our country. With regards with the status of our climate, their researches will really help and compromise the climate change that we are going through. Their researchers are a great environmental friendly and very efficient to be used by our country and fellowmen.

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