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Effect of Load Shedding in Pakistan

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Effect of Load Shedding in Pakistan
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Summer Vacation
Participatory Classical Essay
This essay, constructed in June, 1992, with input from students in International
Studies at Chubu University, in Kasugai, Japan, gave them a model to refer to in
composing their own personal essays.

This classical essay form was taught to me
by Professor Peter Casagrande, at the University of Kansas, in 1977. I am
indebted to him for the advantages I’ve gained through awareness of this
rhetorical strategy as well as the benefits my ESL writing students have drawn
from using this form as a “template” to more effectively structure their English
writing and English learning experiences.
The Exordium is a “hook” to catch the reader’s interest.

(1st sentence of 1st
The Narratio gives the context, where the essay topic came from and how it is
relevant. (the rest of the 1st paragraph)
Summertime is a magical moment in the course of a year, and each
summer vacation represents a brief period of freedom in a long life of
serious labor, expanding responsibilities, and increasingly heavy
obligations. About a month or so before the summer holidays arrive,
young people tend to begin thinking a lot about how they are going to
spend their free time after classes finish in late July. University students
are especially interested in the upcoming vacation time because they are
usually so busy with new ideas, homework assignments and complex
concepts from their academic courses that they seldom can find time
during the semester to do anything else besides studying, doing parttime work and practicing special skills. The.

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