Effective Communication and Conflict at Workplace Essay

Effective Communication and Conflict at Workplace

            Communication “is the transmission of information from a sender to a receiver using shared symbols to change the receiver’s behavior or to convey information” (McEachen & Keogh 84), and when it comes to resolving conflicts in multicultural teams, communication is certainly aimed at changing team members’ behaviors in ways that would promote team cohesiveness. How can effective communication work if multicultural members of one organizational team cannot come to an agreement regarding the choice of the product to be promoted? In this context, effective communication will not only serve the means of conveying information and persuading all team members to accept one specific viewpoint; in multicultural teams, effective communication will always start with choosing the most appropriate mode communication. Certainly, in multicultural teams oral face-to-face communication does not always work to promote and maintain organizational agreement, but even in case of written communication, such teams should develop their communicational awareness about the conflict, examine the available options, and choose the most appropriate decision. Effective communication implies that each party of the debate is given sufficient time to reconsider the benefits and drawbacks of each particular decision and that every team member is able to realize the far-reaching negative implications of conflict and its negative impact on their workplace performance (McEachen & Keogh 86). Given the need to resolve the conflict, a written informal description of all products and their positive and negative sides could potentially provide team members with full objective information necessary to achieve consensus.

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            Does that mean that face-to-face organizational communication is losing its relevance as the tool of conflict resolution, and does that mean that the nearest future will limit organizational communication to a set of written options? In the light of the growing globalization trends, outsourcing, and the increasing diversity of organizational teams, it is very probable that oral communication will gradually cease to be the basic element of conflict resolution in different organizational settings. Simultaneously, given the growing tensions that result of multicultural teams’ inability to find agreement, communication is likely to turn into the central element of all organizational studies. Finally, against the benefits of rapid technological advancement, communication seems to pursue the same technological path, turning into a highly technological tool of conflict resolution at workplace (McEachen & Keogh 89). The future of communication is in its speed, but when technologies come to replace face-to-face contacts, it is critical that we do not lose the sense of human individuality and organizational self; and when a private meeting of personal contact is impossible, it is essential that we preserve our ability to manage conflict situations by minimizing conflict opportunities and bringing conflict parties to common discussion, and use technologies as the means of shaping the common ground for organizational agreement.

            Effective communication is the essential component of successful organizational performance. Whenever organizations seek to establish themselves as reliable business partners and attentive employers, communication readily turns into a reliable tool of delivering critical messages to the public. In terms of conflict resolution, communication is fairly regarded as the symbol of strategic effectiveness of all conflict resolution techniques, and whether organizations are able to resolve their conflicts in a cost-effective and ethical manner depends on their ability to apply the principles of effective communication in their daily performance.

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