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Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Communication Barriers in the Workplace Communication barriers in the workplace can have a serious effect on the functioning and of an organization. In the following article we shall understand what some of these communication barriers are and how to overcome them. Ads by Google Improve Communication Our NLP Training Program Helps You Overcome Your Fears. Enroll Today! www. EasyNLP. com/ Conflict Management How much is conflict costing you? Assessment, Training, Coaching www. StrategicLeadershipCoaching. com Cultural Communication Know Cross-Cultural Communication Etiquette From Terri Morrison! ww.

KissBowShakeHands. com Communication is the key to most problems in the world. And problems, they follow you everywhere. So communication? Yes, you need that to be your best friend. Is that threatening to go off on a tangent? Alright, then I’ll just discipline my mind a tad and stick to what I started to tell you about – Communication barriers in the workplace. You see, communication is of course the key, but effective communication is what you should be aiming for.

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Effective Communication in the Workplace
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And seriously now, how many times will there be perfect communication taking place? Not often.

In the following article I shall get into a little detail about the different aspects of communication barriers in the workplace and how to go about dealing with them. Read and take note. What are the Communication Barriers in the Workplace? If you don’t know what are communication barriers in the workplace, how do you expect to overcome them? With an ends to the means kind of approach then, let’s get into the details of this one. There are several barriers to effective communication and they work on several levels. Here are some of them that you should be looking into:

Difference in Perception No two people can perceive an event in the same way. What I infer from a particular incident, the other will not necessarily perceive the same. This can act as a major communication barrier because what I convey to a subordinate or colleague will be based on my perception and what he understands from it will be based on his. If the two viewpoints end up differing, it could cause the task at hand to suffer, as well as lead to misunderstandings. Language Barriers Language can have it’s own special meaning.

One develops jargon and other catch words that denote a completely different meaning than what the word signifies, to cite an example ‘Going out’ could mean the physical task of leaving a premise or in the colloquial sense it could mean a couple that is dating. Things like these are shared within a group who have common experiences and spaces. With this in mind, workplace communication can face major barriers when there are so many people with so many languages and jargon, and a connotation meaning something different for each of them (possibly).

So then the possibility of communication barriers gets heightened. That is why one needs to understand the importance of communication in business or the professional world. The best way to avoid miscommunication is to make use of words that are simple and which cannot be interpreted in very many ways. Channel Barriers The communication process happens through a channel or a medium. It could be the word of mouth, any of the gadgets like phones, emails, faxes etc or through another person. And as many mediums that there are, those are the amount of miscommunication possibilities that can arise.

There might be disturbances on the phone, the tone of the email that was drafted and consequently the message that you sent might be misinterpreted, the person through whom you send the message might filter your message leaving out certain key pointers, the person to whom you pass the message might not be using effective listening skills and therefore there might be a wrong message ‘understood’. All of these leads to only one thing, that the final message is distorted and that itself becomes a major communication barrier. Cultural Barriers

There are several cultural communication barriers in the workplace as well. Cultural is anything that is influenced by cultures. With globalization, there is bound to be cultural diversity in the workplace, and while we know the intercultural communication, it could also lead to communication barriers. Several factors such as religion, body language, personal space, status and hierarchy, gender roles and personal appearance are influenced by the culture that one belongs to and this could lead to miscommunication at many fronts.

Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace is not possible if one does not know what is causing them. To avoid further problems of miscommunication, one should understand the importance of communication in the workplace and strive to achieve it. Only then can one hope to eradicate the problems in the workplace and achieve a healthy and successful working environment. By Rujuta Borkar Published: 10/5/2010 Ads by Google Employee Communications Display Charts, Memos, Issues Better Motivate your Employees TheMarlinCompany. com Effective Communication Tips For Effective Communication.

The Latest Hot Topics! www. LifeScript. com Give feedback to anyone write short, civil, anonymous notes that everyone can read www. fastnote. com Verizon Best Price Online Business Fast Internet As Low As $24. 99/Month & Free Equipment! Verizon. com/SmallBusiness How To Resolve Conflict A Valuable Tool to Resolve Conflict Try Our Free Online Course Today VolunteerMinisters. org PCI – Management Training Leadership and Communication Skills Training – Global Solutions www. pcint. biz Business Communication Information and Analytics: Enabling Optimization. Read it now! usinessinnovators. techweb. com Verbal Communication Find more sources/options for what your looking for www. webcrawler. com Discuss Email Article Use the feedback form below to submit your comments. Your Comments: Your Name: Workplace Communication Skills Effective Communication in the Workplace Barriers to Effective Communication Small Group Communication: Effective Team Communication Miscommunication in the Workplace Written Communication in the Workplace Importance of Communication in the Workplace Communication in the Workplace Communication Styles in the Workplace

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