Effective Leader

The typical project environment could be described as agile and ferociously competitive. To deliver the success of a project and more importantly to sustain business in the highly competitive environment will need an effective leadership. The key ingredients of effective leadership leading to success are getting the right people in the right jobs. Leadership is development of a clear and complete system of expectations in order to identify, evoke and use the strengths of all resources in the organization. The number one characteristic of effective leader is honesty.

It will become a good solid foundation for any organization to be successful. As we always say “honesty is the best policy”. Honest leader will always have honest and obedient subordinates. This type of leader will gain the respect of its members. That will lead a prosperous profit of any leadership. For instance, people who are looking for employment, generally prioritize company that have honest leaders and will meet their commitments. Leaders that are honest and truth to themselves are always worth listening for. One more essence of being effective leader is clarity. These characteristic can be achieve by becoming confident.

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Because leadership are the one who share vision and the mission of the organization. Being the leader of any organization, it will be constantly you in the spotlight. Image is everything for any respectable leader and the belief that they have in you. So it’s imperative for any leaders to be clear and confident. In addition, statement should be precise and concise. The reality is everybody wants to know what you are capable of doing. They will test your skill and weaknesses until you can prove that you are capable of that position. Being clear and confident is a useful tool when handing out orders especially in critical situation.

And having a confident to say “I don’t know” is a power tool to have. The last and most effective leader characteristic is caring. Leadership tends to be always successful if the leaders shows care with its subordinate at the bottom. Any successful leadership is like a plant that you have to care for it by administering enough water and sunlight. So the roots will grow and stay healthy to stand any calamity. Organization or any government with poor caring with their employees or community will never last. Moreover, welfare of the subordinate also place down on the shoulder of its leadership.

For leaders who exhibited care with its members empowered them to strive more. To conclude, successful leader is honest and have genuine to the vision of the organization. This first characteristic is very important to the foundations of any organizations. Leadership has also need to be clear and confident. Because leaders are always on the spotlight and they represent the organization. It’s also important for any leaders to care for its members. For any leadership who exhibits caring for its subordinates tends to be more successful at the end. These top characteristic qualities are important to become more efficient and prosperous leaders.

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