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EFFECTIVE MINUTES WRITING FORMAT ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Minutes of Regular Metting 1 - Effective Minutes Writing Format Essay introduction. CALL TO ORDER President called the meeting to order at 6:30 p. m. at . 2. ROLL CALL A. Board Members Present: , President , Vice President , Secretary , Treasurer was absent , Member at Large participated by telephone B. Others Present , Manager , Recording Secretary , Association attorney 3. OPEN FORUM 4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes of the meeting were approved as submitted. 5. EXECUTIVE SESSION DISCLOSURE

A. Executive Session convened on to discuss legal issues and rules violations. B. Actions (votes) taken in Executive Session of were: 1. Approved turning over account for APN to for collection. 2. Approved write-off of uncollectable debt of $ owed on APN due to bankruptcy. 3. Approved foreclosure on APN . 4. Approved chargeback to homeowner for a plumbing expense paid by the association and determined to be homeowner expense. 5. Approved fine against homeowner for repeat violation. 6.

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Approved fine against homeowner, put into abeyance for six (6) months pending no repeat violation. 6. FINANCIAL REPORT A. Total Assets as of B. Operating $ C. Reserves $ D. Delinquencies E. Lien on APN approved by the Board. 7. MANAGERS REPORT A. Front Entrance Resurfacing – work is complete. B. Planter Repair – waterproofing complete, painting scheduled for next week. C. Recreation Room Television – a 46” tv and wall mount purchased & installed. E. Fire Sprinklers – inspected by Fire Department and signed off.

G. Plumbing Consultant- 3 firms contacted re investigation of plumbing complaints. Currently awaiting responses. 8. UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Fountain. The Board discussed a revised proposal to install a water fountain in the clubhouse. After discussion, the request was not approved because only two bids were submitted and they exceeded the amount budgeted for the work. The board sent the project back to committee for further review and recommendations. 9. NEW BUSINESS A. Wheel Chair Ramp.

A homeowner requested permission to install a temporary wheelchair ramp at his expense to accommodate an upcoming surgery. So as to reasonably accommodate the request and per recommendations of the association’s legal counsel, the Board approved the request subject to proof that the owner’s contractor is licensed and insured. B. Reserve Study. Since annual reserve updates are required by law and since the association’s reserve specialist prepared the study now being used by the association, the board reviewed and approved the proposal by to update last year’s study at a cost of . 0. NEXT MEETING DATE The next monthly Board meeting is scheduled for at 6:30 p. m. 11.

ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION The Board adjourned to Executive Session at 7:25 p. m. to address the following: A. The Board reviewed bids for repairing the Clubhouse roof. B. The Board approved initiating foreclosure against a delinquent owner. C. A disciplinary hearing was held with an owner whose tenant is in violation of the association’s nuisance noise restrictions. 8:00 p. m. Meeting adjourned.

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