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Effectiveness of Checks and Balances Essays

Effectiveness of Checks and Balances A leader or group of leaders unchecked is chaos waiting to happen. the creators of the Constitution of the United States of America understood this and fear a leader with too much power would return or country to a government like the one we just escaped. This fear and understanding allowed them to crate a government system with three branches that keep each other in check and balance the power of our government.
The executive branch with is lead by the President have the ability to check the other two branches (“The charters of,” 2012). One check the executive branch has the legislative branch is to veto bills. All bills from Congress must come to the President for approval before becoming a law (“The charters of,” 2012). The executive branch also contains the Vice President who presides over the Senate and cast the deciding vote if the Senate is tied (“The charters of,” 2012).
The way the executive branch checks the judicial branch is by appointing judges to the Supreme Court. The executive branch as a lot of power but that does not go unchecked by the other branches of the government. The legislative branch consists of Congress (“The charters of,” 2012). Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representative. This is the branch that crates our laws (“The charters of,” 2012). The president can check this power by a veto, however, with a 2/3 majority vote in both housed the veto and be overturned (“The charters of,” 2012).
Congress also has the power to impeach and try the president (“The charters of,” 2012). The executive branch appoints justices to the Supreme Court but it is up to Congress to approve them (“The charters of,” 2012). The Supreme Court is part of the final branch of government the Judicial branch. After bill has gone through congress and the President, it can still be checked by the judicial branch by being declared unconstitutional (“The charters of,” 2012).
The chief justice of the Supreme Court also preside over the impeachment trial (“The charters of,” 2012). The three branch of the United States government, executive, legislative, and judicial work together to protect and ensure the freedoms of our citizens. Our founders ensured our government would be a government for the people by creating the check and balances. Reference: The charters of freedoms: Constitution of the united states. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. archives. gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript. html

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