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Effects of bullying to students

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The researchers chose this topic to know the effects of bullying to students. The researchers want to determine what could be the possible outcomes of School Bullying to an individual victim. It Is also to know how much Impact It could cause to a student. Students are prone to bullying nowadays, and It can greatly Influence one’s performance in school. The researchers want to know how School Bullying can change one’s personality, decision-making and academic perspective. Statement of the Problem

One of the major adversities of a learning institution is bullying.

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Effects of bullying to students
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It is an inevitable part of a student’s life. Most students experience this kind of ordeal, in some cases, succumb to its force. In order to battle this problem, organizations from different psychological fields have been exhaustingly trying to come up with an answer to this problem by constituting different bullying programs. Some are effective, but sad to say, Bullying is still rampant today. Bullying, as common as it may be, needs to be mitigated, or better yet stopped.

The immunity needs to take more action and be more alert to this matter to lessen the problem’s influences on every student in our society. Significance of the Study This section will provide brief description on the significance of the study about how can school bullying can affect a student’s perspective towards academics and how It can affect their personality and performance In school. This study can help parents and teachers to be aware what could be the possible effects of bullying to their children or pupils and what kind of attitude will they expect from those who are being bullied.

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Effects of bullying to students. (2018, Feb 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/effects-of-bullying-to-students/

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