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Effects of Overcrowded Prisons Essays

Jared Rodriguez Gloria D. St Vrain Rouse English 090-015 3/1/12 Effects of Overcrowded Prisons Imagine being trapped in a small room, with four other people who are all criminals, that’s what comes to mind when people think of overcrowded prisons. It probably reeks of odder and sweet from being in the cell all day. It’s so overcrowded because so many crimes are being committed that there is not enough room for all of the people.

It effects of over crowdedness may be tax payers money, the behavior of the inmates may change, staff problems, and just being in the prison is constantly living in fear for someone’s life. It’s unfortunate that its affecting everyone but crime is everywhere. The first thing overcrowded prisons affects is people’s money. If a prison is overcrowded they might consider building a new one, or transfer the inmates to another prison, but either way it comes out of people’s pocket. It cost money to transfer prisoners, and build a new prison, and it all comes from people who pay taxes.

More inmates also equals more food, cloths, beds, and more staff to watch over them. All of this also cost a lot of money, and affects the tax payers. So many inmates in a little room, people are eventually going to get irritated and commit crimes inside of the prison, many of the inmates may get hurt because of all the tension inside of the cells. All of this may lead to the prisoners going to the hospital which also cost a lot of money. All of these things are factors for money being spent due to overcrowded prisons.

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