Effects of Poverty

Again in a developed nation council houses in Seacroft, Leeds, UK have been deserted due to poverty and high crime - Effects of Poverty introduction. See also: Malnutrition Health Main article: Diseases of poverty Hunger, disease, and less education describe a person in poverty. One third of deaths – some 18 million people a year or 50,000 per day – are due to poverty-related causes: in total 270 million people, most of them women and children, have died as a result of poverty since 1990. 67] Those living in poverty suffer disproportionately from hunger or even starvation and disease. [68] Those living in poverty suffer lower life expectancy. According to the World Health Organization, hungerand malnutrition are the single gravest threats to the world’s public health and malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality, present in half of all cases. [69]

Every year nearly 11 million children living in poverty die before their fifth birthday. 1. 2 billion people go to bed hungry every night. [70] Poverty increases the risk of homelessness. [71] There are over 100 million street children worldwide. [72] Increased risk of drug abuse may also be associated with poverty. [73] According to the Global Hunger Index, South Asia has the highest child malnutrition rate of the world’s regions. [74] Nearly half of all Indianchildren are undernourished,[75] one of the highest rates in the world and nearly double the rate of Sub-Saharan Africa. 76] Every year, more than half a million women die in pregnancy or childbirth. [77] Almost 90% of maternal deaths occur in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, compared to less than 1% in the developed world. [78] Women who have born children into poverty may not be able to nourish the children efficiently and provide adequate care in infancy. The children may also suffer from disease that has been passed down to the child through birth. Asthma and rickets are common problems children acquire when born into poverty. [citation needed]

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