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Egg Osmosis Lab

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Purpose: The purpose for doing this lab is to show how Osmosis takes place. It is supposed to show how the eggs would react to a change in their environment. The way to show how it would change would be putting eggs in different controlled environments. Each of the eggs will be put in three different environments. Vinegar, Karo syrup, and water.

Each egg will have to have a documented reaction that each will have. Introduction: The lab will allow us to see and explain each reaction occurring because of the osmosis.

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Egg Osmosis Lab
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After a three day wait the eggs will be in their final stage or transformation. Using the eggs for showing osmosis is simple because we can see what is happening to the eggs membrane.

During this process thee egg also only allowed certain substances to be able to pass through its membrane while at the same time blocking others from entering. Using clear containers allowed us to watch the eggs response with each of the vinegar, karo syrup, and water. Hypothesis: This isn’t my first time doing this lab. Trying to remember from my science class in middle school I knew that the shell woud turn into a rubber like texture and I think the egg will weigh less with the vinegar and weight more when using the syrup. When using the water I think it will break down the egg. Initially I figured the egg would absorb the substance they were being submerged in. I assumed the eggs would get bigger. This being my first time I was completely excited to see the end product. Materials:

•Food Scale capacity of 6.6 lbs ( or postal scale)
•1 Large bottle of vinegar
•1 bottle of Karo (clear)
•2 raw chicken eggs
•1 bowl
•4 clear glass cups
•2 Bottles of water

•Day 1: On day one weigh the egg being used for the experiement with a scale that can measure in grams and document the weight. Place your egg in the cup you will be using making sure that you don’t break it. Place enough vinegar in the cup to be able to cover the whole egg and make sure you have the volume you put in recorded. After completely this place the cup aside and wait 24 hours.

•Day 2: Remove the vinegar from the glass and measure the volume being poured out. Carefully place the egg on a paper towel and gently pat dry. After the egg is dry weigh the egg again, document the size of the egg and what it looks like. Place the egg back in a clean cup and now cover the egg with the karo syrup and record the volume poured in and once again wait 24 hours.

•Day 3: Once again remove the syrup from the cup while carefully handling the egg. If there is any syrup left on the egg you are unable to remove run water over it as a low pressure then dry the egg. Document the size, weight, volume, and what the egg looks like again. Once done place egg back in clean cup and fill in with water and measure the volume again and wait 24 hours.

•Day 4: Remove water and dry egg. Record the size, weight, volume, and the way it looks for the final time.

When I put vinegar over the egg it began to bubble because of the carbon dioxide was being released and it also began to foam up just a little bit. As the acid from the vinegar was in contact with the egg is began to dissolve the eggs shell. The texture felt like a rubber substance. When the egg was placed in the syrup for the 24 hours it had shrank in size and didn’t feel like there was much protection from the yoke being broke. Surprisingly after putting it in the water over night is expanded and regained the rubber like texture.

My hypothesis that was made for this experiment was the egg was originally going to lose the shell and become rubbery and expand. This was proven as true. Where I was proven wrong was when the egg was placed in the water.

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