El Borak and Other Desert Adventures Essay

Coming in February 2010, the first complete collection of Robert E. Howard’s  desert adventures featuring three of REH’s most famous heroes: El Borak, Kirby  O’Donnell and Steve Clarney. The stories gathered in this volume have been  restored to the earliest, most definitive versions available today.  Of special  interest is the first unadulterated publication of the short version of “Three-Bladed Doom.”  Check out this article to get the whole story on this tale’s previous corruption.

El Borak and Other Desert Adventures

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El Borak and Other Desert Adventures
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Francis X. Gordon (“El Borak”):
“Swords of the Hills” (previously published as “The Lost  Valley of Iskander”)
“The Daughter of Erlik Khan”
“Blood of the Gods”
“Sons of the Hawk” (previously published as “The Country of  the Knife”)
“Son of the White Wolf”
“Hawk of the Hills”
“Three-Bladed Doom” –  both versions: “long” and “short”

Kirby O’Donnell:
“Gold from Tartary” (previously published as “The Treasures of Tartary”)
“Swords of Shahrazar”
“The Trail of the Blood Stained God”

Steve Clarney:
“The Fire of Asshurbanipal” (straight adventure version)


Introduction by Steve Tompkins

“Gunfighters of the Old East” by Dave Hardy

Illustrations by Tim Bradstreet and Jim and Ruth Keegan.

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