Electoral College AP Gov

Number of Electoral College Votes
538 votes – house of representatives plus 2 senators
Votes it takes to win
Swing States
Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire
Month Electors Vote
Who Announces Votes Winner
Vice President (presiding the senate)

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Month of Popular Vote
No Replace Electoral College
Always worked, preserves federalism, protects 2 party system and discourages 3rd parties, protects small states
Yes Replace Electoral College
Popular vote winners should never lose the election, distorts the results of presidential elections, no incentive to campaign in “safe” states, discourages voter turnout in “safe” states
Alternate Plans
Proportional Plan, Congressional District Plan, National Bonus Plan, Straight Nationwide Popular Vote
Proportional Plan
Electoral votes are divided in each state based on the proportion of the popular vote
Proportional Plan Pros
Increase Voter turnout, encourage third parties, candidates would want to campaign everywhere
Proportional Plan Cons
How do you divide electoral votes? All states would have to adopt the same system
Congressional District Plan
One electoral vote to the winner of the popular vote in each congressional district
States Using Congressional District Plan
Maine and Nebraska
Congressional District Plan Cons
Gerrymandering, Candidates would focus on the relatively few competitive districts
National Bonus Plan
Keep the current system but give the winner of the national popular vote a bonus of 102 electoral votes
National Bonus Plan Pros
Would encourage “losing” voters of safe states to vote, would almost guarantee that the national popular vote winner wins the election
Direct Vote with Plurality Rule
National popular vote winner wins the election even without a majority
Direct Vote with Plurality Rule Pros
Guarantees the candidate with the most votes wins the election, fits with the basic concept of democracy, simple
electoral college
A group selected by the states to elect the president and the vice-president, in which each state’s number of electors is equal to the number of its senators and representatives in Congress.
enumerated powers
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