Electoral College – Social Studies

What is the Electoral College (EC)
A group of representatives that elect the President of the USA
Why did the Founding Fathers create the Electoral College?
They considered the average American uniformed and unable to select the right person for President so they wanted a group of informed people selecting the President
Do smaller states have representation with the EC?
The EC is a compromise between the small states and the large states so the smaller states would have representation.
Why do we still have the Electoral College?
It is written in the Constitution whigh makes it very difficult to change and there are still many people who support the EC.
How many electors are there in the EC

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How are the electoral votes assigned to each state?
The sum of Representatives in the House of Representatives and Senators. The number of Representatives is determined by population of that state
Which three states have the most electoral votes?
California, Texas and New York
What is the minimun number of electoral votes in a state?
Three. (Alaska, Delaware are two states with three votes. RI has 4 electoral votes)
How many electoral votes are needed to win
Do Electors have to vote with popular vote?
Only in states that have a law requiring Electors to do so.
What is a positive point of the Electoral College?
It still gives states with small populations more attention during an election year.
What is a negative point of the Electoral College?
A person that wins the popular vote could lose the election because an Elector doesn’t vote the popular vote.
Is it possible to win the popular vote but lose the election?
If there is a tie in the electoral vote, or no candidate wins the maority of electoral votes therefore the House of Representatives could decide to go against the popular vote and select someone for President.
What is the spoiler effect?
When a 3rd party joins the race and takes too many votes away from the popular candidate.
What is the first past the post system
When the candidate who receives more votes than any other candidate wins.
What is the Winner Take All system?
The winner of the popular vote in the state takes all the electoral votes from the state.
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