Electoral College Vote Matters

As human beings we depend on the opinion of a large number of people greatly to gain knowledge, whether it’s through voting or through how laws are created. This is why in my essay one of the AOK’s that I will be using is Human Science, but more specifically Political Science. Though there is also moments where we depend on the opinion of just one person, but still to us that knowledge holds great value and quality. To show this, the other AOK that I will be using is Ethics, and how a single person can teach us knowledge that we hold as valuable.

This prompt also contains three important words, quality and best measured. These terms shape the whole prompt and its meaning, for example quality in this prompt can be taken to mean valuable, and best measured in this prompt means best way to calculate, or value. This prompt is stating that the best way to gain knowledge depends on the opinions of others and whether or not a large group of people believe it. Knowledge is of quality and value if it is believed by many which makes that a great way to measure the knowledges quality. There are many examples where a large group of people vote on matters of importance. Such as with laws, and how the House of Representative creates laws.

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Before the law is a law yet it is a bill, and there are many steps that it must go through to become a law. The bill starts with either a representative or a citizen who comes up with an idea that they want to become a law. The bill then needs to be sponsored by the Representatives of the House. It is then introduced to the House of Representatives through being put into a box that is next to the clerk’s desk. A clerk then reads the bill to all the Representatives and the Speaker of the House, which is the person that is in charge of making sure that the House passes laws that are supported by the majority of the party, decides what House standing committee to send it too.

The House committee that the bill is sent too then review, research, and revises the bill, and decides whether or not it should be sent back down to the House. If they choose to send is to the House, then the House of Representative begin to debate on it. The representatives who debate the bill, must explain to the rest of the House why they accept, or don’t accept the bill. A clerk reads it aloud to all the Representatives and they can say what they would change about it to better it. After all the changes were made that the Representatives wanted it is voted upon.

When the bill is voted in, the way that is usually used, is the Speaker of the House asks all the Representatives whether or not they agree with the bill, they can say “aye” or “no”. If the majority of the House of Representatives say “aye” then it is then sent to the U.S. Senate, where it is then discussed by a committee of the Senate then sent back to the Senate floor for the people of the Senate to vote on it.

The senators vote by voice and say either “yea” or “nay”, and if the majority of the Senate accept the bill then it is sent to the President, and he decides to either sign it and accept is as law, veto it overall, or pocket veto it which means that the President doesn’t do anything, and the bill becomes a law automatically after ten days. Every four years the United States of America gains a new President. The people of the U.S vote for this President through the popular vote.

The vote that really matters though is the electoral college vote. Every state within the United States is given a number of votes depending on the number of senator that state and the number of Representatives in the House, that that state has. For example Alaska possess 4 electoral votes and Rhode Island also has 4 electoral vote. This was so that highly populated states, such as New York, and smaller states such as Rhode Island both had equal footing, when it came to the election of the President of the United States. Overall the electoral colleges poses 538 electors.

These electors decide who to vote for by knowing who their state voted for throughout the election day. To become the President they need 270 electoral votes. The candidate could have the popular vote but if they don’t have the electoral then they don’t win. Usually the candidate that has the popular vote is most likely to win the election but there has been a few times when this was not the case. For example in the year 2000 in the case of Al Gore vs. President George Bush jr. Al Gore won the popular vote and had the love of the people, where as Bill Clinton won the Electoral college vote.

This was because the only difference between Al Gore winning or losing was what the Representatives of Florida decided to do, and they decided to vote for Bush. A most recent example is the case of Hillary Clinton vs. Trump where Trump won the electoral college and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. In these examples the person who had the popular vote didn’t become President most likely because some of the electors choose not to vote. Political science is a subcategory of Human Science. It studies mainly the knowledge of the systems of government.

How laws are created and how presidents are elected are apart of the systems of the government. It also depends on the opinion of many and not just a few. The House of Representatives has 435 Representatives, and the bill has to be accepted by the majority of that. The Senate has 100 members. This knowledge which is the laws has to be accepted by many before it is passed. These laws are accepted by many and this means that many agree with them. For a president to be elected they need to have 270 votes from the electors and there are 548 electors overall.

These electors are all people who are used to represent the US. The President to be needs to have the majority of these votes. This is an example of how having many people accepting knowledge is a great way to measure the quality of that knowledge. The WOK that were used in the above example was reason because all these member of Senate and Representatives use reason when they vote on a bill. The electors who make up the electoral college use reason to decide whether they should abstain from voting or placing their state’s vote. The other WOK that I used is faith because these people have faith in what they believe in, which leads their decision on voting on a bill.

The people who are apart of the electoral college to elect a President also require faith in their state for choosing the right person. Humans from have one person in their lives that they trust more than anyone else, whether it be their mother, father, brother, sister or grandparent. They trust this person with their life. For me that is my mother, a woman who to me is the most intelligent woman to me. The knowledge that she taught me and instilled in me as been so valuable. She did not do this through having a large body of people vote on it, she did this by being a woman I trust.

For example she has taught me in multiple situations a deontology or stoicism outlook on life, for my whole life. Deontology is an ethics term and theory that if you follow the rules and do your job then you’ll be considered morally right and stoicism is the theory that to do the right thing and be morally right then you need to be patient, have tolerance, and self control. My mother taught me these things through multiple ways such as always eating a meal before being able to eat desert. She taught me that if you are patient and follow her rules then she would be proud of me.

She also taught me this through telling me to always be quiet in a library because you are supposed to be quiet and that’s what people go there for to either read or study in silence, so if you possess the self control to not speak then you are helping others. She was just one person that I trusted to give me knowledge that was of quality, and she was not a large group of people. Ethics is the study of morality and morals is what my mother taught me.

She taught me knowledge that was priceless because I trusted her. This knowledge was not widely accepted by others, but was accepted by someone I trusted which in turn made me trust it myself. The WOK’s that I used in my above analysis was faith because I had faith that my mother was raising me to be a good person. The best way to measure the quality of knowledge is through the amount of people that accept it as shown through the years of presidential elections and how laws are made. There is some knowledge though that is personally of quality if it is from a trustworthy source, such as family.

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