Electronic Euphoria

In the early 1990’s a devastating virus swept the nation. T. V.

sets were gleaming in every household, with both a constricting, and addicting disease. video games had taken over all childhood pass times, and in less time than any disease could have ever spread. Children could no longer be found playing outside with friends, but rather were now nestled comfortably in front of their television sets day in and day out. Children were confined in their houses, as prisoners in a penitentiary.

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How could a 16-bit man-made electronic device distort the lives of not only children, but anyone who crossed it’s path of destruction.At first the device seems to appear as nothing more than a simple time consuming source of entertainment. This is before the monster has grasped you tightly within it’s claws. It only takes one time, one fix, one experimental overview, or one opportunity to become exposed.

Primary contact to the machine might come as subtle as just simply picking up a controller in a local wholesale store, or at a friends house, but if such an event is to happen, one thing is for sure; Once you have picked up the paddle, it has now become part of you. No matter where you are the paddle is nudged between your palms, or lodged in the back of your mind.Both physically and mentally you are no longer a person. Your mind is no longer mentally awake, and you have become part of the game.

After the bug has impressed it’s poison deep within your body and mind you begin to grow closer and closer to the gaming system, gradually losing all sense of reality. You have become addicted. The little gray box has become a part of you. You begin to buy more and more games to satisfy your hunger.

You are just like a drug addict trying to get his next buzz. Each game is a new adventure waiting to be released, and used as your drug of choice.Each game brings you back for more, and once a game has lost its hold on you, there is always a newer better drug to take it’s place. video games become everything, and the only thing.

The system becomes a constant companion. You begin to do anything in your power to play. It is no longer a game, but rather it has become reality, it is your life. When you are not partaking in the mind controlling adventure, you are thinking about how you will go about getting your next “high.

” Nothing else can satisfy your addiction. Your bodies only position of comfort is with the paddle between your palms with your fingers layered over the buttons.You ignore the headaches due to lack of sleep, and the soars and blisters on both your palms and finger tips that burn to the touch. These side effects no longer matter, because you have no time to worry about pain, or anything tangible or realistic.

Your occupation as a slave to the device controls all your thoughts and time. Even after being released from the imprisonment of the video games, you will never truly be free. It has controlled you, and what you now realize is your life. Although built to entertain and occupy extra time, video games can become more than a simple pass time hobby, but can take control of your life.

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