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BAMBOO Marketing Logistics

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Subject BAMBOO Marketing Logistics Management Member Section 7 NAME ID 1. Monika Sings 5649246 2. Paranoia Elaborate 5649249 3. Cakewalk Songstresses 5649255 4. Sunnis Winnowing 5649259 5. Alba’s Khan Submitted to 5649289 Mr.. Opinion Weakened Assignment 1 7- Eleven ISSUE 1 1. Who are the target customers? – Both male and female with all age group 2. What do the target customers want in order of importance? – The first thing come up in customers’ mind is convenience. 7- Eleven can find in every geographic area. However, it is cluster of 50 – 60 in a geographical area.

Secondly, -Eleven has variety of products with selected product for customer including private brand and necessity good which are used in daily life such as DVD electronic product, food product, consumer good or medicine.

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Third, it opens 24 hrs. So customers can buy product any time even if it already midnight. Next, customers come to 7-eleven because fast service with staffs willingness. Counter service is the fourth importance thing for customers to come to 7-eleven because it provide payment service, ticket reservation or top up money of mobile.

Fifth, promotion and redemption attract customers to the store. . How WOUld you propose to forecast the demand for each merchandise sold by each 7-Eleven outlet? – We would forecast by geographic area for example the stores that located near school. We can forecast that snack and beverages have greater demand in this store. Data history is another method to forecast the demand of goods as we can see from the record which merchandise is the best seller. We use seasonal to forecast the demand to know which products can be the best seller of that period. . Your opinion, what are the key competitive strategies of the 7-Eleven business? Geographic Variety of products Distribution channel Well-known ( strong branding) Counter service ( one-stop service) Standard layout 5. How WOUld you propose to measure the performance of each outlet’s operations? – We measure the performance by sales value which outlet has high profitability with good operation in term of stock management and internal communication. Service quality can also be measure by politeness, willingness, activeness of staffs. . How would you propose to improve the performance of each outlet’s operations? Choose one improvement topic and explain in greater details. We propose to improve inventory and cost management we must control the cost of inventory by compare between storage cost and transportation cost which one is greater proportion so we will know which one can reduce the cost and maximize the profit. 7. How do you describe 7-Eleven’s supply chain operations? Show the information and materials flow diagrams and explain. Distribution centers (DC) of 7-eleven have 7 DC which are Binghamton (central, Bangkok and greater Bangkok), Subhuman ( 4 provinces of central and Cinchona), Cinchona (East f Thailand), Curtains (South of Thailand), Shaken (Northeast of Thailand), Lampoon (North of Thailand) and Machine. According to the above diagram, first DC will order the product by forecasting (data history) to buffer stock. Dc will print barded and it will be distributed to staff of each supplier.

Second, each Dc will wait for the order from each outlet in that specific area. The outlets will summarize the total quantity of the products to order at am – am and send to DC. Third, Dc will pack the product and deliver the product to the outlets. If the outlets are close to DC, it will deliver before mama. On the other hand, if the outlets are far from DC, it will deliver within 24 hrs. 7-eleven can reduce transportation cost about by transport the products at night because no traffic jam. . How WOUld you propose to measure the performance of the supply chain? – No shortage and no over stock (Just in time) to reduce cost of inventory cost and maintain quality of the products. 9. How would you propose to improve the performance of the supply chain? Choose one improvement topic and explain in greater details. We propose to improve the performance of supply chain by forecasting the accuracy of the demand and supply in each product.

If DC forecast under estimated, the product will shortage and DC cannot deliver the product to the outlets. However, DC forecast over estimated, over stock will occur which result higher cost of inventory cost. ISSUE 2 1 . How do you compare the 7-Eleven operations with the Mom-and-Pop operations? Describe the comparison in your own statement. There are many different operations under ops of marketing mix analysis. 7-Eleven Mom-and-Pop Products: Varieties of product – Provide both goods and services (Ex.

Counter service) – Brand varieties – Control quality of product under standard – Classify types of product for arrangement (picked by customers) – First-in first-out method (FIFO) – Review expired date – Always random check quality of product – Search new product for competition – Less varieties of product – Only goods for sale – A few brand – Low-medium quality of product (picked by seller) – No standard method – No review expired date Depend on owner’s consideration – Same product Prices: – Reasonable price rises: – No standard price (cost and individual margin) Places: – All area especially community (every geographic area) – Franchise expansion – Open 24 hours Place: – Anywhere – No franchise – Time limitation (open-closed time) Promotions: – Offer sale promotion (stamp collection and redeem) – Advertising via many channels (Television, newspaper, and so on) – No sale promotion – No advertising (just word-of-mouth) Moreover, the 7-Eleven and Mom- and – POP can compare by using other indicators. Systematic ordering and transportation – High negotiating power to supplier Training staffs basic knowledge about product and update new promotion include greeting to increase first impression – Set up methodology to manage obsolete stock included in sales promotion. -Just buy and sell – Low negotiating power to suppliers – No training because owner act as salesman – No methodology to manage obsolete stock included in sales promotion 2. What are the major differences between the two in term of “Efficiency” and “Customer Satisfaction’? Elaborate in details.

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