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Catastrophes are not average, they are great exceptions - Emergency Management introduction. Disaster planning must deal with the unknown. There is no where on earth that is risk free, so we must find cost effective ways to minimize destructive events to the best of our ability. This paper will lay out a rudimentary training plan that will assist Emergency Managers in planning for events. This will not detail the event, but lay a framework that can be used in any form. 1. Discussion All emergency management must contain some basic principles.

The most basic, is a chain of command. There must be one designated person that is overall in charge of each and every event to establish effective command and control. A command center needs to be established and this can be a vehicle and building or any space that can be obtained in a safe zone close to the disaster. Communications must be established in any event, so training on any system must be done and as frequently as possible. Standard reports and returns to be established and issued.


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Dependant on the size and nature of the event, the team will expand as required. In the case of both Chernobyl, and Bhopal, large teams would have been required due to both the size and the level of the events. Upon arrival or notification of either of these events, the first step is always to gather as much information as possible to determine, is anyone left inside? What is the perimeter that must be secured? What is the safety zone that has to be established? We must educate ourselves on the outside before we can be of any benefit to the inside.

It would be ludicrous to send in rescue workers without the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to any event. In order to this, we must ensure that we have valid information to issue the appropriate PPE. After the initial cordon and information gathering, we then look at rescue operations from inside facilities if necessary. Concurrent with these events, it is critical that all information gathered be given to both your designated media officer, and local hospitals and emergency responders to ensure that they can respond to the crisis and are as prepared as possible.

During this recovery phase, media becomes paramount. It is critical that the right information is given to the public. Liaison Officer Cells will need to be established and dispatched to major hospitals that we would send any casualties. A cell would be established to deal with deal with any victims families, and to ensure that there wellbeing is looked after. Education and training are essential tools to any plan. Both of these need to be conducted at as many levels as possible.

Educating the hospitals and any potential responder in what the worst case scenario that they would deal with enables them to educate themselves on what specialized medical gear or procedures would be required. Ensuring responders know the risks associated with events of these natures are critical. Proper training in the use of PPE associated with these events should be mandatory. Evacuation procedures need to be established and practiced with contingency plans used throughout. 2. Conclusion As disasters are rare, it makes planning for them difficult.

It is very easy to overlook something that might happen only once on a generation or even less frequently than that. We must always be prepared to react to any event regardless of the size and magnitude. The key principles of planning should not change, but simply expand or contract dependant on the specific needs of the event.


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