Emergent care case study

what client should the charge nurse give to the PN?
25 year old female complaining of urinary frequency and burning
it is most important for the RN to assign mr jackson (the patient with left arm pain and GI upset to which room)
one with continuous EKG monitoring
which tasks can the RN delegate to the UAP
obtain initial vital signs
assist client to change into hospital gown
which action should the RN delegate to the UAP next?
apply continuous pulse ox
which prescription should the RN implement first?
oxygen via nasal cannula

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which inquiry is most important to ask first?
client taking any medications
which lab result needs to be reported?
potassium level 2.9
potassium 60 is order with 20 capsules available. how many capsules should you give?
which method for scheduling the staff meetings allows for the best continuity of care for clients and best communication
meet with half of the nurses and UAPS before lunch and half after lunch
a nurse manager demonstrates what kind of leadership when she lets the staff vote on what they want?
in which situation should patriarchal or paternal leadership styles be implemented
during mass casualty
when implementing a legally mandated intervention
how should the nurse manager respond?
you seem frustrated tell me why you feel this way
what action should the nurse manager take first
ask the PN to explain specifically what has happened
which approach should the nurse manager take?
explain the accusation and give the NP a chance to reply
which action should the charge nurse take first?
ask billy s grandma if she is the legal guardian
under what circumstance can you treat a child without their legal guardian
life threatening situation
what action should the RN take first
complete the rest of the nursing assessment
what action should the RN take
request the HCP withdraw from the case
How should the nurse manager use performance improvement programs? (Select all that apply)
-Discovery of facility deficiencies
-As required reporting mechanisms by accrediting agencies
-Investigation of the degree to which standards of care are being met
Which action should the nurse manager take first?
Conduct a study to determine the current average wait time.
After the nurse manager decides to conduct a root cause analysis on lengthy wait times, what action should be implemented?
Collect and analyze data to determine the cause of the problem.
Which strategy should the nurse manager use with the staff to provide a smooth transition when implementing a computerized data system?
Promote the advantages, but be honest about the disadvantages of using the new system.
After the education and training on the use of the electronic data system has been completed with all of the staff, which implementation strategy provides the best continuity of care to the clients?
Implement the system one department at a time with staggering dates.
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