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Emirates Dates And How To Market The Product In (Sweden)

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    There are assorted schemes of spread outing one’s concern. The determination of which strategic move to take is by and large depends on internal conditions of the concern in treatment. There are companies that manage to remain in their local markets and continue to tackle growing from it. while others discover possible markets in foreign states that drive them to spread out. In the instance of concern enlargements. there are besides several picks to be made.

    These picks are besides made based on internal and external conditions of peculiar industry that would prefer the determination to spread out in the states. One factor to be considered when make up one’s minding the concern enlargement is about the merchandise whether it has equal demand in the mark market or non. Refering this market enlargement. this paper will discourse about marketing Emirates day of the months in Sweden. This is considered a challenge as day of the months are peculiar well-known as good fruit particularly for those life in Arabian states and besides for other Moslem states.

    However. selling this merchandise into western states still has chance as day of the months contains many sort of benefits such as rich of fibres and besides contain uncountable mineral like Ca. Mg. phosphoric. K. and Fe. to call a few ( Adnani. 2010 ) . 2. The history of Emirates Dates Emirates Dates ( World Wide Web. emiratesdates. com ) was established in 1989. Tens of experience and maintained quality of day of the months have put the company to be the prima exporter of day of the months in Middle East. The company major day of the months plantation is at Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah ( see Figure 1 ) .

    Figure 1 Location of Emirates Dates’ major thenar field Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scubadiving. co. za/images/Dubai % 20UAE % 20map. gif Due to the abundant of day of the months that far beyond the ingestion in local market. the company decides to export the day of the months into foreign states. In order to win the mark markets that are non accustomed to eating day of the months. the company focuses on developing the run sing the benefits of day of the months for wellness. which consists of many sorts of mineral. vitamins. sugar etc ( Emirates Dates. 2010 – Profile ) .

    Figure 2 Products of Emirates Dates Source: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. emiratesdates. com/products. hypertext markup language In add-on. unlike bring forthing and exporting the fruits. Emirates Dates besides produce a broad scope of merchandises runing from Dates Syrup. Date Palm Trees. Dates in Book Shape. Press Pack. and Almond Stuffed Dates. This variegation favors the company to achieve success in exporting day of the months merchandise into the universe. One lending factors that help the company to achieve singular success in the Dates concern is particular attending from President of the U. A.

    E. His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al-Nihyan. who concerns about the development of agribusiness sector by cultivating of 1000000s of day of the month thenars ( Emirates Dates. 2010 – Profile ) . Figure 2 Top ten Dates-producing states Beginning: ADMC. 2001 As shown in the figure 2. UAE is among the top-ten bring forthing states of Dates. Emirates Dates itself has capacity of 700 tones per annum. lending the major production in the U. A. E. this represents the monolithic growing as in the first twelvemonth. the company’s production capacity is about 50 dozenss and turn into 70 dozenss per annum in 1996.

    3. A general overview of Emirates Dates and Sweden 3. 1. Overview of Emirates Dates United Arab Emirates is among top producers’ states for Dates fruit where the state has over 40 million thenar trees in which 40 % of this figure located in Al Ain metropolis. The chief bring forthing metropolis is in Ail Ain. This huge figure of Dates production represents about 60 % of entire agricultural trade goods in the U. A. E ( Fresh Plaza. 2007 ) . The ground of taking Emirates Dates in this instance survey is because the company has major plantation in Al Ain metropolis and Ras Al Khaimah.

    As Emirates Dates has major part to the production of Dates in the UAE and due to the fact that the state is among top-three manufacturers of Dates after Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This status put chance for UAE. particularly Emirates Dates to export to foreign states. This besides helps the states to relocate abundant volume of Dates about 60-80 dozenss per annum that normally unconsumed ( Fresh Plaza. 2007 ) . This status farther will supply many chances for Emirates Dates to export it with a broad scope of border to sell a big volume of Dates ( Fresh Plaza. 2007 ) .

    In. add-on. as the merchandises is common bite in Arab states ; the mark market should be those who have big population of Arabian people overseas or those who have great concerns about natural merchandises. which enriched with benefits for wellness. 3. 2. Overview of Sweden 3. 2. 1. State Background Sweden. besides refers to Kingdom of Sweden officially. is a Nordic state in Northern Europe that is considered to be the most visited state among Nordic states with over 5. 2 million visitants in 2007.

    The state that has population about 9. 2 million people occupies the country of 449. 964 km2 ( 173. 732 sq myocardial infarction ) . which considered being the largest state in Northern Europe and 4th largest in Europe. The state is member of European Union since January 1. 1995 ( Central Intelligence Agency. 2008 ) . The country’s natural resources compose of several merchandises such as Fe. hydropower. and lumber. Those natural resources become the cardinal competitory advantages of Sweden in international trading.

    Furthermore. the agribusiness contributes merely 1 % of GDP and 2 % of employment ( CIA. 2008 ) . As portion of exciting the farther economic system growing. late. Swedish authorities denote their works to deprive about $ 31 billion of province assets within the following three old ages in order to pay down the federal debt ( CIA. 2008 ) . t Agency. 2008e S 3. 2. 2. Economic Profile Furthermore. from economic point of position. Sweden has the biggest GDP compared to their Nordic states opposite numbers. In 2007 entirely. Sweden has $ 455. 3 billion ( GDP in official exchange rate ) and $ 338.

    5 billion of GDP ( buying power para ) . In add-on. the state besides has the GDP per capita exceeded $ 37. 500 in 2007 ( CIA. 2008 ) . Meanwhile. like most of the modern states of the western. most of the GDP comes from the services sector ( 69. 7 % ) . followed by the industry sector ( 28. 8 % ) . and agribusiness ( 1. 5 % ) ( CIA. 2008 ) . Figure 3 shows the existent GDP growing of Sweden. Figure 3 Read GDP Growth of Sweden Beginning: Plumbot. 2008 Sweden has low rising prices rate in the Nordic states. 2. 2 % in 2007.

    This reflected the comparatively stable status of the economic system. without important recession of explosions of growing. Sweden has a well big labour force. In 2007 entirely. there was estimated labour forces amounted to 4. 839 million. stand foring over 50 % of the country’s population. Most of them worked in the service sector ( 74 % ) followed by the industry sector ( 24 % ) . and agribusiness ( 2 % ) . The degree of unemployment is however. rather high. accounting for 6. 1 % in 2007 ( CIA. 2008 ) . In 2007. Sweden authorities has history balance is $ 37.

    97 billion. Its external debt is $ 598. 2 billion. Exports of the state amounted to $ 170. 1 billion yearly. which largely come from machinery ( about35 % ) . followed by taking industry and merchandises like motor vehicles. paper merchandises. mush and wood. Fe and steel merchandises. chemicals in which the major export spouses are Germany ( 10. 4 % ) . Norway ( 9. 4 % ) . and the US ( 7. 6 % ) ( CIA. 2008 ) . 4. Market Entry Strategy 4. 1. Targeting The exportation of Dates into a state that is non used to devour it will be a tough challenge for Emirates Dates.

    In add-on. the population of Arab people in Sweden besides shows turning figure. particularly from immigrant. However. it does non huge plenty to devour Dates in big volume up to 10s of dozenss per annum if the Emirates Dates is to export at the big volume. In add-on. the population of Moslem people reaches over 300. 000 as of 2005 ( BBC. 2010 ) . See that each Moslem consumer at least one-tenth of Dates fruit each twelvemonth. therefore. the market for Dates in the Sweden from the Moslem population would make 30. 000 kilogram or 30 dozenss.

    The ground to aim Moslem is because Dates is the recommended fruit that should be eaten as the prophesier says so. This although big plenty still lend low part sing that production capacity of Emirates Dates may make 700 dozenss. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? . ( Whoever has eaten seven day of the month fruits of the high land in the forenoon. that twenty-four hours no toxicant or black magic shall ache him. ) ( Emirates Dates. 2010 )

    Therefore. in aiming the Sweden as mark state for exporting Dates fruit. Emirates Dates should aim another section in the Sweden market particularly those who concerns about the importance of fresh fruit for wellness. This selling scheme could assist the company to make wider audiences but still see the Moslem population as the footing for advancing the benefits of Dates fruits by word of oral cavity. One of import mark markets are those who concerns for peculiar diet as Dates can bring around many diseases.

    4. 2. Market Entry Strategy Basically. there are many ways of come ining new market in foreign markets. It may include one of following: • Direct Exporting This means exporting straight to stop clients. By and large this is the common method that a company performs in order to gross revenues their merchandises to foreign markets. It contains lowers hazards but besides lower opportunities of large net incomes. In add-on. this method does non supply Emirates Dates with chance to develop consciousness sing the benefits of Dates for wellness.

    Therefore. the entire demand will be capable to the importers capableness in selling Dates to aim markets. • Indirect Exporting This includes engaging a foreign agent ( distributers from our ain state that has a distribution web abroad ) . a domestic agent ( distributers from the targeted state that are willing to sell our merchandises ) . or prosecuting with an importer or reseller ( local houses or concern individual that purchases our merchandises and sell it into the local market ) . This represents a larger opportunity of net income because it allows larger measures of exports.

    This is better manner of selling merchandises into foreign market as selling Dates should be targeted to specific countries where the market exists. By engaging an agent. hence. the volume of minutess could be increased significantly. • Gross saless Subordinates This could intend set uping a gross revenues office in the mark market or organizing a joint venture with local companies or companies that have local presence in the targeted market. Establishing a gross revenues office by and large generate the possibility of a smaller doomed comparison to joint ventures.

    However. joint ventures create a greater opportunity of bring forthing a considerable sum of net income even though there is limited ability to command operations of the venture. This method besides provides greater chance for heightening gross revenues volume in Sweden as the company can pull off the operation themselves. This means that the company may instantly spread out the market by adding several mercantile establishments in order to raise the gross revenues volume and to be closer with mark market. • Manufacturing Facilities This means that the company is ready for the concluding measure of set uping itself in s foreign market.

    Establishing one-self as a maker in a foreign market means confronting all the challenges and uncertainnesss of a new market traveling and moreover. traveling caput to caput with other exporters. 4. 3. Hazards and Considerations of International Acquisitions In the instance of Emirates Dates. the company may rapidly leap from set uping the gross revenues subordinates to the concluding measure of internationalisation. which is set uping a fabrication installation in the targeted market. There are really several considerations that must be taken earlier doing such an development.

    The company should merely follow its acquisitions scheme as the chosen signifier of market entry if the considerations generate positive recommendations. 5. Decision. Dates are fruit for wellness as they give tonss of benefits. Emirates Dates as the major manufacturer of day of the months in the UAE has extra production that need to be sold beyond UAE as the ingestion in local market far below the production capacity. In this paper. we will see Sweden as mark market. From human ecology point of position. Sweden has possible market as Moslem population histories for 300. 000 people as of 2005.

    However. as Emirates Dates come ining the new market. this paper display several options that they may take in order to win in Sweden. Mention: Agarwal. S and Ramaswami. S. N. 1992. ‘Choice of Forign Market Entry Mode: Impact of Ownership. Location and Internationalization Factors’ . Journal of International Business Studies. 23 pp 1-28. ADMC. ( 2001 ) . Bar Chart: Date Production. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. admc. hct. Ac. ae/hd1/english/graphs/bar_dates. htm Adnani. Seema. ( 2010 ) . Health Benefits of Dates.

    Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. organicfacts. net/health-benefits/fruit/health-benefits-of-dates. hypertext markup language Barney. J B. 1991. ‘Firms Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage’ . Journal of direction 17. pp 99-120 BBC. ( 2005 ) . Muslims in Europe: Country usher. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/europe/4385768. stm Emirates Dates. ( 2010 ) . Facts and Benefits. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. emiratesdates. com/facts. hypertext markup language — . Profile. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. emiratesdates. com/profile.

    hypertext markup language Fresh Plaza. ( 2007 ) . UAE’s day of the month with Dates. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. freshplaza. com/news_detail. asp? id=8217 Haller. Harold S. ( 1993 ) . Pull offing with profound cognition: A direction procedure based on the Deming direction theory. Harold S. Haller & A ; Company Johanson. J. Wiedesheim-Paul. F. ( 1975 ) . The Internationalization of the Firm: Four Swedish Case Studies. Journal of Management Studies: 305-322. Plumbot. ( 2008 ) . Economy of Sweden. Retrieved May 2. 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //plumbot. com/Economy_of_Sweden. hypertext markup language

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