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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capacity

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership CapacityEmotional Intelligence
Strategic Management: Research Paper
In this dynamic and ever changing global economy, successful leaders will have to facilitate others to develop their own style of leadership, skills and potential using emotional intelligence as guide of future success. Emotional Intelligence is a trait that is demonstrated by successful leader. Daniel Goleman believes is twice as important as IQ in predicting career success. (Richards, 2007). Effective leader are those that understand who they are and are able to control themselves under different circumstances.

They are self-motivating and people are drawn to them. Emotionally intelligent leaders are able to motivate themselves and as well as others. They can regulate their moods so that distress does not overwhelm their ability to think. (Richards, 2007) Jan Richards noted PHD stated “Great leaders often display simple virtues like generosity of spirit, giving others the gift of their presence. They also seem to have the kind of clarity of mind that gets to the heart of the matter, the honesty and integrity to say what they know to be true, together with the compassion to do no harm.

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capacity
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They have a basic human wisdom in dealing with countless situations. When we leave them, we feel inspired, empowered, and enabled to take effective action” (Richards, 2007) Emotional Intelligence is trait that is evident in successful leaders This essay will describe Emotion Intelligence as part of a Strategic Management concept and present a plan for implementing, training, and why it is important to incorporate EI into your organization corporate strategy.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is important topic to understand because it is a predictor on a person success as a leader. According to our text recent studies have been conducting on successful managers. These studies found that those managers had a high degree of EI and that EI is a better indictor of future…

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