Employee Incentive and Compensation Strategies

Job Fair Brochure Business 210 May 10, 2010 Job Fair Brochure Golden Valley Real Estate, LLC is a start-up company in the Tucson, Arizona area. GVRE’s mission is to provide full service in the real estate, mortgage, and tile areas of real estate. Other services provided are home search database; moving consulting, quotes, planning, etc; mortgage consulting and loan preapproval; community information; obtaining a comparative market analysis for potential sellers; appraising; and property preparation.

The structure that I have decided to use for this start up the real estate company is a functional structure. As the C. E. O of G. V. R. E it is my plan to set up a Functional Structure of seven management positions supervising the many different services our real estate company provides. The management positions are as follows. 1. A real-estate supervisor overseeing the research marketing aspect of the company. 2. A mortgage supervisor overseeing the mortgage lending aspects of the company. 3.

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A title supervisor overseeing the loan operations of closing of sales. 4. An appraiser supervisor overseeing the appraisals of the properties of interest. 5. Marketing information supervisor overseeing the marketing analysis. 6. An accountant overseeing the accounting aspect of the company. 7. A Human Resource manager overseeing the day to day operations of the company. This functional structure will appeal to employees of the company with the many opportunities of having potential management positions.

This functional structure will also make possible to achieve the company’s business model to provide full service in the real estate, mortgage, and title areas of real estate. The functional structure will not only motivate current employees for future possibility of progression, but also having the supervision in the different areas will offer proper guidance for the employees of the company. Also as the C. E. O. of GVRE it is my responsibility to help the overall culture of the company.

Creating the right culture can be the maker or breaker of a startup company. It is important to appeal to not only the current employees, but also the future employees. It is important to find ways to motivate the employees of the company to not only work for the pay that they are receiving, but to have an additional incentive of helping the company be successful. It is my plan to offer to the employees to invest into the company to buy company stock. To encourage this I will be willing to pay dollar for dollar the stocks they buy.

Offering this to the employees will give the employees of the company more of an incentive for the company to be successful, thus maximizing their profitability. Other benefits will be offered to the employees such as healthcare, dental, and retirement giving an overall culture that this is a successful company that most would not only want to invest in, but also work for. These benefits will also help obtaining higher quality employees, thus having the best product on the market. Overall having this structure will give the proper culture for the company, thus helping the company achieve the business model.

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