Employment and Diverse Workforce Essay

Part B. (A. C 1. 1, 1. 2, 1. 3, 2. 1, 2. 2) (1000 words in total) | | | |1. Produce a report (of up to 500 words) on the topic Talent Planning in Operation. |Please ensure that you address the following issues: | |Describe at least 3 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection | |Identify and explain at least 3 organisational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce | |Identify and assess at least 4 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent (highflyers and graduates). | | |2. Write an explanation (of up to 500 words) to your manager comparing and contrasting the benefits of at least three different recruitment | |methods, and three different selection methods: | |You report must contain evidence of wider reading and of having obtained information from a variety of sources.

|You should include at least 3 references from relevant books, texts, websites, etc. | |NAME: |Anjali Kakar |COHORT: |HRP 15D | |COMPANY: |Emirates |WORD COUNT |1170 | 3 factors that affect an organization’s approach to recruitment and planning? 1) Legal procedures : Recruiters and employers must ensure that legal procedures are followed appropriately thereby giving every candidate an equal opportunity to apply for the job.

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Employment and Diverse Workforce
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Requirements mentioned for the designated job must be clear which comprises of work visa if required, sponsorship etc. Legal procedures if not followed properly can jeopardize the reputation of the organization thereby affecting its overall expansion and growth. 2) Reputation/Goodwill: If the reputation of the organization or the employer is not up to mark in terms of employee relations, employee benefits or employee welfare, under those circumstances candidates are a bit reluctant in applying for the required position available.

Under most circumstances potential candidates are looking for employers who are employee oriented and who ensure that the employees feel engaged to the organization. Competitors Competitors can play a significant role in affecting the recruitment policies and procedures of the organization. To ensure that the organization is in rhythm with the competition prevailing in the market certain amendments with regards to recruitment policies and procedures are important to ensure that the competition is up to the mark with the competitors. For e. . with regards to airline industry, one of the competitors might attract candidates from all across the globe thereby instilling the concept of unity and diversity thereby including a no of new destinations. To keep up the competition an organization needs to tweak his recruitment policies for further expansion Explain 3 organisational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce? Retaining and attracting a diverse workforce will bring about diversity within the organisation and also an opportunity to incorporate creativity. . Increase market share : Diversity within the organisation will definitely will definitely build a strong solid foundation for the organisation and increase its popularity within the market. The organisation will be able to penetrate in different markets and have an expansive exposure . ..

References http://studyvalue. com/_management_sciences/_hrm/recruitment_17. html http://labspace. open. ac. uk/file. php/5401/B600_1%20Blk%205. 5. pdf http://www. explorehr. org/articles/Selection_+_Recruitment/Types_of_Selection_Methods. html

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