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Employment and Northern Countries Essays

Neo­colonialism Position Paper
It is unjust to state an accusation about TNCs and Northern countries of using the developing world as a source of cheap labour. Those who accuse TNCs and the Northern countries of this fault are obstinate, due to them only considering the negative consequences of the TNCs and the Northern countries actions upon the developing world and not considering the positive benefits that results from their actions. Neo­colonialism is witnessed in many developing countries and TNCs and Northern countries are often viewed as being apart of neocolonialism, because they use their factories, military, their dominant authority and power to influence countries into following them are obeying their orders. What is primarily depicted when observing the TNCs, Northern countries and the developing worlds is a much larger power taking advantage of a weaker power, but in reality the TNC”s and Northern countries are actually creating employment for those in the developing countries, improving the economic performance and finally they are contributing into developing a strategy for reducing poverty.

TNCs and Northern countries provide internal benefits to the employees of the companies in the developing worlds and they also create employment for those who are struggling in these developing countries. TNCs and Northern countries are improving human life and dignity for those individuals who work for them in the developing countries, because although the income may be low they are still gaining money to at least put food on the table for themselves or their family’s (The benefits of international labour standards, 2013). There is an abundant amount of TNCs and employees who work

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