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Employment and Staffing

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Background checks are a useful tool for employers to determine the fit of a candidate to the organization. They pull up any issues or discrepancies that may not have been provided by the candidate during the interview. It is very important that during the interview, the candidate is advised that there will be a background and reference check conducted so that they cannot say they did not know. After the background check has come back, the interviewer needs to decide whether or not to hire the candidate.

How do the results of the background check influence your decision to hire the applicant?

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Do you still hire the applicant, despite the results of the background check? Explain. The results of the background check show that Ms. Cook has previously been arrested and charged with the possession of illicit drugs on one occasion. This information had not been disclosed during the interview, which creates a little hesitation in proceeding with the hiring process.

Using controlled substances in this line of work is not the best for the company or its employees. We need a supervisor who is dedicated to the job and does not let stress affect their judgment or ability to make decisions.

She cannot resort to drugs in order to cope and handle the problems that occur on the job. Even though the results of the background check were not exactly favorable or appealing, I would hire Ms. Cook based on the fact that she knows what she is doing and can lead and manage a team very well. She is also dedicated and diligent, and will put her best foot forward when it comes to her job. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance, and if she does not let her personal problems interfere with the job she is supposed to do, then I feel that she will be a strong supervisor for the night shift.

What specific legal guidelines are provided for this specific scenario? Would it be legal to hire this applicant? Explain. After reviewing the results of the background check, the legal guidelines that are applicable would indicate that the candidate can legally be hired. Using Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which “regard to using information acquired during the criminal investigation as a basis for denying employment, unless it is determined to be job-related or dictated by business necessity” (Arthur, 2006). Ms.

Cook’s drug possession does not have any bearing on the job she will be required to do. She will have to succumb to periodic drug tests after she is hired in order to make sure that she is continuing to use them after she is hired. If the drug charge is only a misdemeanor, there is not a problem with hiring her, it is only when she has been convicted of a felony that she will not be considered for employment. Though she has used drugs, it cannot be determined if she used them while on the job, or if that is part of the reason as to why she is seeking employment.

Since she did sign a consent form authorizing the company to conduct a drug test on her, she is showing that she has nothing to hide and will be willing to explain the conviction. If you did choose to hire the applicant, what additional pre-employment tests might you require of the applicant before employment can begin? Explain. Other tests that would me to determine whether or not to hire Ms. Cook include psychological tests, drug tests, and computer-based testing.

Psychological tests include “general intelligence tests that measure a wide range of traits; aptitude tests that predict what a person can accomplish in on the basis of what she knows; and work sample tests that require test takers to demonstrate their existing level of skill using actual or simulated job related equipment” (Arthur, 2006). This test is very useful to see how much knowledge Ms. Cook has, as well as if she knows how to handle the work equipment she will sometimes be required to use.

It goes without saying that a drug test will be required to make sure that the applicant is not under the influence of drugs on the job. Computer-based testing can be used to determine Ms. Cook’s aptitude, which would involve taking a CAT, where “the computer adapts itself according to the test taker’s ability by selecting the next question based on the performance of the previous question” (Arthur, 2006). This type of test is very personalized as it exposes test takers to specific questions that are appropriate to their ability level.

All of these test together will help me to decide whether or not I want to make Ms. Cook a part of the Home Depot team. In conclusion, the background check that was received for Ms. Cook does not deter my decision to hire her. She will be a great asset to the organization as she has the knowledge and skills to manage a team effectively. Though she has been convicted of possession of illicit drugs, as long as it does not affect her job performance there is no reason not to hire her. She deserves a second chance like everyone else, and she will have that chance at Home Depot as the new night shift supervisor.


Arthur, Diane. (2006). Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees. 4th Edition. New York, NY. American Management Association Co

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