Endangered Species Act Essay

Endangered Species Act

To own a home is to earn a living from your habitat and from this point on to gain access to the humans and love revived in the hearts when looking at the resemblance of the mother Nature around to our human habitats from concrete jungles.

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Endangered Species Act
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This is serious as it shows how such people have no ethics to maintain an audacity of privilege of being humans on earth with lesser aqua and land animals unable to depend upon themselves to be able to get their access into the worlds of understanding that the animals could gain when in their homes deprived of the security and safety of the habitat called home which lies in the heart in the sense of love which most people deny even their own parents and children, so could you believe that such people would understanding sympathy of how to get to the preserved species habitats and keep them well for them and for the generations of the species to come especially that they do not convince one another that such species is important for the balance of the earth and the ability to gain control of the ecosystem that it lives in?

Much of the conduct of beings come from selfishness - Endangered Species Act Essay introduction. Yet in animal life there is the fact that such behavior is condemned and unworthy of having existed among the population of a species which lives in groups to defend and cooperate in making the habitat available and under their control from invaders of other species and other members who are angered by the pride or population of animals living together. Social animals live in groups to be able to get and respect their privacy by each other and themselves thus they are able to get to roam safer in the habitat they live in.

Addressing ethics is an important issue since such examples of such people who only revert to the weakness and the side of inability in other people that they become unable to gain control over them except with sweet words simply because the people who listen are soft hearted and able to work with ethics and could not go out this frame they have put themselves in.

The problem is the authenticity of those who work with the governments and environmental protection areas and governments around the world which have little or no voice in the grounds of politics because they are simply a ‘minor issue’ in the eyes of those who work in such issues and find that they do not find any grounds except in the public’s eye of beholding the beauty of the world seen as magnificent but could not aid in finding a way to get to have the world notice the importance of the act of saving the endangered species. This enacts on the health of those who live on the planet who simply own cats and dogs and mammals which specially hold them dear and they hold them dear in their hearts especially that they live under the one and the same roof. This roof in the world is the skies which turn blue at the sunrise, and orange at sunset and dark at night. But even the darkness of the skies has been see as something which is unable to resent and loath because of the starry colors of the stars which twinkle in the skies. The sentimentality of the world is which orders those who use intelligence in their scope of getting themselves to be able to force the forces majeure in getting them to be the top of the worlds and find that they are the central axis on which the other worlds rotate. This is what most people in power find assured and assuring in their people’s actions and in their governments’ acceptance of them being in power.

Mostly the wisdom which most of the endangered species act applies is how to address the problem. It is either shown by camera as being one of the ways to solve the problem is to move the viewers’ eyes and their hearts in turn when most of the viewers would rather that they owned such animals just like the sheikhs and sultans of the one thousand and one nights stories of present day countries. This is an unaffective match for what others could gain with their money power and the fact that such small or minor hunters who get paid o bring them the money and the power of the animals which are killed for common sense reasons such as the fact that they are bringers of good luck and fairness of skin and ability to get things which are ruined properly done again and which only make them concentrate on personal achievements through the expenses of other animals which could not help but be the beauty they are externally but also a target to the wrong doings of the people who only see them as pieces of art which must be decorating their living rooms and help them in their sciences and in their applicability to life as being worth the dollars they spend on the animals and their ability to get the things they want without being discussed.

Saying no to someone in authority means and brings neck cutting or throat slitting decisions upon the person. This could be fixed by finding other directions to drive the attention of the sultan or the king or the prince of whomever is in power to the effects of the animal’s being out of its habitat in the sense that they have to be put in its place to be able to get that thing into their hearts and into their minds by speaking to them in manner of what they understand that animals represents to them and what it is meaning to have such animal and what it is important to recognize when such animal is thinking of a safe home and family to return to when in the fields trying to hunt for the natural balance of life which the God has put it in and shaped it for so that it could help balance the ecosystem. If the person does not understand and still does not accept the fact that he should not get what he wants then the idea is to find a humane topic to relate this thing to him or her and how it is important that money and reference to wealth is not something that will last for ever and that what he could take from actions now is what he will be unable to fix but regret if he continues doing it and what he does is refuse the will of God on earth. If this does not work then the trade which he could be too urgent for having and earning money from could be understood to be like hunting someone who is loyal to him and killing him for the sake of having such greed by the enemy or the opponent who could not accept the fact that they will not accept any chance of exchange of lives or values of goods except by hunting down the person who is in charge of the trade because they simply are loyal to someone they are not on good terms with. Such involvement of earthly living to the human sinews could revert them to the understanding of what life is about and how people could be and are able to become which makes them understanding what it is to be in the place of people who could not be but thoughtful of their insides because ‘they have never tried feeling what it is to be a cheetah or a tiger or a macaw ,etc’ which are just frivolous understanding of the crusts of things which govern the world which only make it possible to enormously make mistakes which are perverted in the sense that they are against humaneness because such animality of understanding do not exist in species of mammals which govern the world who are humane among one another although strong(animals) but are weak against humans who evolve in weapons and intelligence power and are representatives of the God on earth.

Agricultural and other solutions for the exceptionally reduction of thoughts and ideas around what agricultural claims and understanding of the health and environment of the forests is what the policies should focus on. Focusing on the expansion of human pollutions and populations is an essential and popular way of getting topics through to the public, this could be highly tuition when the resolution of such youth who have such agreeable understanding that fats food is the best way to get thoughts of how pressuring life is and that fast food is what makes them feel ‘cool and out of this planet’ out of what they watch from thoughts on television advertisements especially that youths are such people who could not get any sorts of information gotten out of their hearts once it is out of their minds and into the sphere of their instinctive intuition and ability to understand what the world is going around for and evolving to where and what is it that makes them ultimately superb in the manner of understanding the effects of the world and the solving of the solutions which relies on their evolving their minds instead of letting it to the works of those who are middle aged and have access to thoughts and living their lives as being ‘still young’. This is one catastrophe which the endangered species policies has to discuss as it deprives such species of their agricultural lands and how they find their works in the wild restricted to certain scarce of food spots and plots which makes them plots for the hunters because of their inability to move around and gain control of a widely wild and widely ranging territory which they work in and supreme in, unlike humans who think that the best way to supreme is to expand their territory of understanding themselves and thoughts and philosophize and leave away the facts that actions must be taken to stop thoughts from evolving and action from not evolving.

Has wilderness ever been important in the past and as much as it is today? Actually in the previous decades before the discovery of nations new to the world there was a preservation of the natural views of the continents especially that there were not telecommunications or televisions or video-cameras which will ease the facility of greed of transportation to conquer such beauties and make them your own and which you could fix and find in front of your eyes and find that such beauties are not what you believe and what you could think and find in the world with the rules and understandings of the thoughts and publishers of enmity for the greenery of wildlife and places unless they’re compounds which are surrounded with palaces and terraces which could be marketed and for those who could only and love to afford such beautiful places in the world but only for cruises and not for keeping clean and unearth the ugliness in the places which are being harmed by people. Such people who could buy do not fund or give any money for those who are in need who could only care less for what the nature is requiring from them to be able to live since they are also ‘endangered species’ among those who have multiple money power and ability to be able to gain power to be able to make a home for their own to live and shelter in which other people have and do not help them work to achieve such dreams. Such people are the reasons why such deterioration of people around the world occur especially that such people only care about their selfishness and what they could pay to get what they want and are unable to get their thoughts outside the box thinking of what could be the best thing to get in life but a mansion and an ability to have money in the bank. This is the conclusion: there are two kinds of endangered species: the poor in the world, intellectually and financially, and the endangered planet of silent beings which could not talk our own language. The crisis which the policies must discuss is the public relations with the dumb forms of life which could exist in the world.

So is the effect of the humans on earth and the endangered species on earth from wildlife and animals. This is what the policies do ,in return for the effects they gain from inhumane humans doing humanity the effects of retardation in the sphere of human relations with the world around them.


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