Engelska B assignment 4 Sweden

ENGENG06 Course Assignment 4

As the student you should write your answer in the grey box.

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You can click into the first box and then use the Tab key to move forward to the next box. The tutor uses the grey box with the red outline to mark faults  and will write marks and comments in the grey fields below the exercise Name:       Hometown: Malmö,Sweden

A. Vocabulary
Fill in the missing words or phrases in the following text.

A Reasonable Fear

Eric has a disgusting habit  of biting his fingernails when he is nervous. “I need a cigarette.” He said. “Don’t you know that smoking can seriously harm  your health?” I teased, “Don’t you know that airplanes falling out of the sky can also be dangerous?” He said . I have to admit that I am no braver about flying myself, so as the plane started down the runway, I threw an long  glance out of the window. And once we were in the air many of the passengers ordered drinks to relieve  their anxiety.

Once in the air, I decided to catch up on some work during the flight, I handed a report to Eric for him to read, “No rest for the weary .” He joked. We were on our way to a convention on Eating Disorders, so we wanted to be well prepared. “One of the problems of course is that the emphasis on being slim makes it hard for the fat  girl to feel accepted.” Eric said. “Or boy…” I offered, “Yes, but for boys it is a different problem, look at this case for instance, after just a month’s treatment  at the clinic, he was able to return to school.” “Yes, but after an hour in therapy with a specialist this young girl already felt much  better.” I countered. “I wish my therapist were so effective…”

Eric said, pressing the call button for the stewardess. He ordered another vodka and orange juice and then gripped the armrests on . “I have spent hours on the psychologist’s therapy  but I still haven’t been able to quit  smoking, let alone get over the fear of flying. Eric’s fear has caused him much Troubles  as he refuses even to fly on his own and often prefers to take the train. “The psychologist insists that my fear of flying is psychological ,” he said “But I prefer to think of it as a rare genetic factor . My uncle was scared of water and never went swimming but it did him no good because water killed him anyway!” “He drowned?”

“No, he was run over by a Ramlösa truck. Anyway in order to cure me my therapist has ordered that I forget  my fears as often as possible, so here I am, do you think I have enough time for another vodka before we land?” I tried to distract him by going over our notes about information for schools for the convention. “Ok, so the students receive much information on the importance of eating  and exercise, but not often the dangers of obsessive dieting…” “Don’t you think that this rainstorm is a cause for crash ?” Eric interrupted, “We’re coming in to land soon and one is always hearing how heavy rain and strong winds cause  to a crash.” “I think the pilot knows how to deal with  a bit of bad weather.” I said reassuringly and tried to change the subject again: “So many young people live with a fear of  becoming fat and often young people with bulimia feel  guilty and depressed after a binge…” “Don’t you think that the plane is at a very steep landing ? …is all that bumping normal?” “I’m sure everything is quite normal,” I said, wishing now that I had ordered another vodka as well. Suddenly the fasten seatbelts sign lit and the intercom pinged, a soothing female voice intoned the message: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the captain has ordered that seatbelts be fastened and seats and tables returned to the upright position as we are now coming into land” “See quite normal,” I said breathing a sigh of relief . Then the voice from the intercom continued “And if all those passengers who believe in God would now like to start praying; it might help…” “Oh yes!” cried Eric biting his fingernails frantically “That’s really normal, isn’t   it?”

Points       (25)Comments      

B. Fill in the missing words
1. Neil wanted to leave but I think Mr. Black managed to talk him out of 
it. 2. Before we do anything, let’s talk it over .
3. Don’t worry about dad. I’ll talk him out .
4. “Don’t talk back  to your mother like that, it’s rude!” 5. I am tired of my boss’s condescending tone, he always talks down  to me. Points       (5)Comments      

D. Fill in the missing words. They should all start with one of the following prefixes: un-, dis-, de-, non-, in- (imm-, ill-, irr-):

1. Gas is a important  source of energy.
2. The headmaster told the students that he irritable  of their behaviour. 3. Remember to defrost  the freezer regularly.
4. Christian’s explanation of why he missed the train was totally unbelievable  . 5. Derek’s childish behaviour during dinner proved that he was a very immature  person. Points       (5)Comments      

E. Which idioms correspond to the following definitions?
1. To enjoy yourself, especially after working hard. To let one’s hair down  2. To joke with someone. To pull someone’s leg 
3. To be annoyed with someone and want to talk about it. To have a bone to pick with someone  4. To use one’s intuition and improvise. To play it by eart  5. To put a stop to something one doesn’t like. To put foot down  Points       (5)Comments      

H. Writing
In this exercise you should write a composition based on the notes that you have made. Remember you are to discuss the topic of eating disorders. Remember it is not the story but your opinion in which we are interested, so give your opinion but also this time try to work on the form of the essay, practice the customs and conventions in composition writing. There are 3 words to keep in mind when writing this type of composition: Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion. The title of the composition is: A Different Approach

A Different Approach
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. Its starts by desire to keep slim with a teenage girl then turn to be kind of illness. as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss and usually occurs more in females than in males. Because of the fear of gaining weight. People with anorexia nervosa continue to feel hunger, but they deny themselves all but very small quantities of food. Kassa she was one of these people which have Anorexia Nervosa. Her father sent her to his childhood friend Dr Waldman. He thought that’s Kassa starving her self to death by this way of crazy kind of diet. He told her that she will not be able to stay alive long time with this kind of weight loss. Waldman used a strong way with Kassa that’s why she was going to cry and that’s why she did not like him. After words Kassa got in contact with Dr Shirman who had a different approach of treatment. He used the psychological treament with her. Finally i think in case like Kassa it is better to think more about the psychological factor for the patient because this kind of illness do not belong to physical diseases. 

Points       (20) Comments      
Points       (60)Comments      

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