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English Descriptive Writing

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Descriptive writing – Train
I walked up to the main entrance from the usual route I took every morning. The walls of the Train Station were panelled with clean cut glass there was no brick to be seen only large panels of glass and the occasional clean cut white glossed plates perfectly aligned with one another and reflecting the early morning sun. The building was contemporary; full of sharp edges, corners and vertical lines cutting through the city vista. As clean and neat as the building was the entrance was full of people, talking, rushing and meeting, it was usually this busy, nothing new about people running around shouting, talking or rushing through crowds while on their phone trying to sound like the perfect business person.

There must have been at least been a thousand people actually more, probably a couple thousand all walking around and talking to one another. While walking along through the narrow gaps between the strangers and the city people I decided to look around I had nothing better to do, my iPod was dead and the music on my phone hadn’t been updated in at least a year, so as I pushed my way through the crowd I looked around I saw people smiling laughing and hugging each other.

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I saw a couple talking they had to be only in their mid-twenties maybe younger they was laughing and hugging, the guy was tall and dark haired it was cut short and messy I’d say it was probably fashionable but I’ve lost track of today’s trends. He was wearing casual cloths, the kind of clothes that looked baggy even though they looked to be fairly new just lose fitting. He had a few bags with him hanging from his hands, there was at least five plastic bags all from shops usually found in the city centre or along a high street, there another bag on his back it was big and looked like a trendier more fashionable camping bag. I assume he had just came off the train and was meeting what looked to be his girlfriend she was smaller than him and was wearing more fitted cloths and coat with a fur hood and a few pockets with buttons and strings hanging of them, the coat was a husky brown or like a khaki and seemed to fit the shape of her body but not completely stuck to her skin, it was only half zipped up.

They hugged for a while and then decided to leave and walk from the entrance. The faces all seemed to blur and merge it to a mass of loose faces with no detail only the colour of their skin and maybe their hair, it was possibly the fact that it was only 8 am and I hadn’t yet got chance to buy a coffee from the usual coffee stand near my platform. I finally got closer to the glass doors, they were at least 7ft and shinning as the sun rose higher into the sky cutting through the tall skyscrapers the city had on show, they opened automatically with little sound and no problem and I finally got through the threshold of the Train station. As soon I walked into the building the smell of synthesised air from the air con hit me and as it did the smell of fresh coffee, doughnuts and burger king came with it, along with all the nauseous feelings of knowing I’d be sitting in a train station on a hard red reflective plastic chair which seemed to float, because it’s the one thing I always noticed, it had no legs It always made me wonder how they built these chairs and they took the wait of some of the people that sat on them.

As I walked further through the entrance I noticed there was a WH Smiths store, I don’t know how I missed it all this time, I’ve been coming to the same train station for at least a year now probably more I don’t even know, as I walked past I noticed they had a twenty-five per cent sale on so naturally I stopped and looked in the window I saw at least one-hundred different books stacked up in the window all neatly placed with a specific arrangement showing all of the covers, I saw ones with art work on, photo’s or just a simple photo of the celebrity who had written it. I’ve probably never noticed it because most of the time I’m in here I’m either skipping the current song playing on shuffle on my iPod or wasting my life on facebook on my phone flicking through my news feed which is usually full of people complaining about their job, their life or saying how yet again they are pregnant, this is probably how life is for everyone when you’re 25. I walked away from the shop window and noticed next to it a boarded up shop with a sign saying ‘Starbucks coming soon’ there was a few builders walking in, the most noticeable was the short stocky man with an angry expression on his face, he seemed to have quite a lot of stubble and was wearing builders cloths covered in saw dust and white paint, he was also wearing a florescent jacket and helmet. As he walked into the small door he seemed to mumble something I guess he was probably complaining about something. I carried on walking through the building it was all open and neat with the occasional red metal bench placed in the middle of the path with bamboo towering over it either side, the walls where white with the odd square window placed every ten yards or so.

The floor was white tiled surprisingly it was extremely shiny and reflective, between where the walls and floor met was a small path of neutral coloured pebbles placed in a small indent no wider than the width of a person. The shops that were in the building were the same; white walls sometimes littered with a hint or tile of red, that seemed to be the reoccurring theme with the building simple white walls with some form of red put somewhere. I finally arrived near my platform and as I did I walked closer to the coffee stand it was a small white simple wooden structure with coffee Singed on the stand board it was probably the size of a small room and had two maybe three people working in it, it had coffee machines there and blenders and other things that’re needed to run a coffee shack. I waited behind about four or five people all waiting for their coffee. After about five minutes of waiting I got to the front. A friendly young looking women served me she, was small looking, slightly tanned, blonde haired tied back into a pony tail and had piercing green eyes. She smiled and asked for my order I just asked for a medium coffee with milk and sugar. I could smell the fresh batch of coffee being made and the sound of the coffee dispenser pouring out the fresh hot coffee even standing behind the counter I felt the hot air hitting me and smell blowing past.

She passed me my coffee and I was off. As I walked further down to my platform I noticed there was less and less windows, until I reached the stairs and there was none, that would probably be because now I was below ground and I had hit the underground. I walked down the stairs and as I did the introduction of unnatural lights had hit even more. No more sunlight now just the glow of lights coming from the ceiling. There was two sets of stairs up and down, there was also an escalator. I chose to use the stairs because as usual there was more people on the escalator than there was on the stairs. Still the stairs were not empty they still had people on them just not as much, I walked down at a normal pace hearing the bottom of my shoes hitting the hard steps and echoing along with some others. I walked past a man, he was walking extremely slow and texting as I did I could hear the backing beat to the music he was listening to through his ear phones, it was a repetitive loud beat. I walked past him and carried on down the stairs until I finally got to the bottom. I walked a little further only for five minutes down a wide path covered in movie and music posters.

There was some interesting ones like the replay of ‘Back To The Future’ playing next week, and strangely a few fifties movies, most of the posters were ones including Marilyn Monroe the one sticking out most was ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ On both She was the main focus the rest of the poster was black and white except for her with her shinning dresses and Bright red lips. Finally I arrived at the hard Red seat I would seat on for half an hour I looked up and saw that my train was due to arrive. I was shocked this had never happened in all the time I had been coming to this train station. I got back up sharply and walked to were the train would stop. There was at least fifty to one-hundred people waiting exactly like me. I saw the light come through the tunnel lighting up the usual reflective white walls and then suddenly just like usual the screeching sound of the train arriving started. The Bright Red train arrived stopping opening up it’s automatic doors and letting the people flood out. I forced my way on and found a seat promptly I sat down and waited patiently as the rest of the people made their way on. The doors closed and the train started off again, with the engine making a dull humming sound as it quickly headed off. I looked round and saw it was crowded as hell there was people sitting down and others standing holding onto the hand rails or holders hanging from above. I saw a lot of newspapers and books being read and a few kindles actually, all being used to distract the people from the fact they are most likely going to work.

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