English for Science Assignment

First of all, we would like to say thanks for the God, for giving us the strength and health to do this assignment until it done - English for Science Assignment introduction. This assignment we already used 5 weeks to complete it without any problem. We need to do a lot of work to finished this assignment. However, in this long time of finished this assignment, we have learn about the cooperative between each other, gains experience, and so on. Not forgotten to thank to our lecturer, Mr. for providing us an information and comment about our work until we done this assignment.

Besides that, he also help us to think some ideas that help us to get data easily such as interview a lecturer. We are thanksgiving because we have a lecturer that really will help us until done this assignment. He tried and tried to teach us until we understand what we supposed to do with the project work. Then we would like to thank my family for everything such as money to buy anything that are related to this project work. They supported us and encouraged us to complete this assignment so that we will not give up in doing it. They always reminded us about an assignment and care about our assignment process.

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After that, we would like to thank each other of our group because we have work hard together to done this long report until it success. If without cooperation from each other, this long report might not completed and success. We have a discussion together from time to time to discuss about our assignment process. Besides that, we also have separate the work to done it. At the last, we would like to thank to all of our classmates because sometime they have give us some comment to done this assignment. For a reason, we can know what is the problem of our assignment.

At here, we want to say thanks for who have help us to complete this assignment. Thank you. Abstract We are writing this report to find out the problem faced by 3D animation and the solution to solve it. We get to know that 3D animation is very important for us because it is very useful in many fields such as in education field, aeronautical field, medical field, and so on. We can realized that 3D animation is in everywhere such as in the movies we watch, in the commercials we see, in animated cartoons on televisions, on the internet, in our workplace, from the jury box in a trial, in the doctor’s office and on our cell phones.

However, not everyone can accept the concept of 3D animation. Although it is very useful for everyone, but it still have some problem that may affect us in terms of health and the way of learning of people. We have find out the problem which are the cost to developing it are quietly high. Some of the 3D animation in games and movie are very realistic and sometime it may have contain some inappropriate action that not really suitable for all ages. We have also provided recommendations to overcome this problem. In near future, we believe that 3D animation still can be improved because it is a good technology. Introduction

Our group topic is 3D Animation. First of all, the definition of 3D Animation is an animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation of graphics to add flair to the visuals. Besides that, animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in several ways.

The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. Besides that, 3D animation are more realistic. Furthermore, 3D animation are complex concepts and the ideas can be easily showcased. Other than that, a high quality PC and console based games also can be developed using 3D graphics. The purpose of writing this report is to find out the problem of 3D animation and the solution to solve it. We choose 3D animation as our title because nowadays 3D animation is very famous in community. Besides that, it let our group members to learn more about the 3D animation.

Nowadays, many people know what is 3D animation, but people who really understand 3D are lesser. So, we are writing this report to let everyone understand about 3D and it problems. We will collect the data about 3D animation through internet, interviewing, searching information from library and by our own knowledge. Our group are more focused on the interviewing method. We will interview with some of the IT lecturer in our college who are Ms. Virmalaroy and Mr. Kelvin Hew for a hope to get more information because they are a lecturer who may rich of experiences and knowledge about 3D animation.

After getting the result from interviewing, next step is we will try to compare the result to get more efficiencies result. Through the result, we can understand that what is 3D animation, the process of making 3D animation, the problem faced by 3D animation, the cost and the software to develop it, and so on. However, 3D animation is not really important for everyone, and it just for certain people only such as for those who are in graphic and technology field. The report will cover about the importance of the 3D animation in our life, and what it used for, and so on.

Based on the interview, they believe that 3D animation will still be improved in the future because it is a good technology. Besides that, this report also will also cover the problem that is faced by 3D animation. Findings We have used some method to do research about our topic. We had interviewed a few IT lecturers in regarding to our long report. The reason is that we are curious about the importance of 3D animation in our lives. One of the reason that we choose this method is because this method is one of the suggestion given by our English lecturer, Mr.

Daljeet. Other than that, we also have to prepared about fifteen to sixteen questions that will used to ask the lecturer we going to interview soon. We are also asked to recording the process of the interviewing as a evidence to shows that the interviewing are really happened, but since we do not records the process of interviewing, so we are supposed to prepared a letter to signed by the lecturer that we have been interviewed. At the beginning, we are know nothing about the 3D animation before the research are going on.

So, through the interviewing, we have a chance to know more and understanding about the 3D animation. We also searched the Internet for the information needed to complete our report because the Internet containing a vast amount of information about 3D animation that we can use to our long report. Furthermore, there are a lot of comments about the 3D animation we can know that are come from many others people. So, it helped us to become more easier while we are doing our research. Other than that, we also can compare the result from Internet with our interviewing result to make it more efficiency.

The information we get from the Internet are more accurate and consistent because some of the information are provide together with explanation. We also have mark down the webpage address to add on to the part of references in the long report. We taking up this step because to fulfill the plagiarisms rules that have been set by college. The most of the information that we get are search through the Google search, followed by Yahoo search, Answer. com, and also Amazon. com. Group discussion among our group member are also being held to let us have a better understanding of our research.

We also tried to have a group discussion at least three times a week to combining all the information that we gathered from anywhere. In addition, we also distribute the parts of the report to our group members to let us more easier to make the long report. Every member supposed to explain the information that they have find to among members, so every group member can easily understand it and doing correction for the information that we have find. We also always asked for comments about our work from our English lecturer. The English lecturer, Mr. Daljeet require us to shows some parts of the long report to make sure the format is correct.

With the comment that our lecturer giving, we can know which parts is wrong or right and what is the information missing in the research. We also have make the observation and some experiments about our topic by the interviewing results. There are little bit different between the result of the two lecturers that we had been interview. We compare the result and we had found that some part of the results of the two lecturer are same and some part are different. Firstly, the 3D animation actually is a shortcut name for the Three Dimensional Animation. Based on the interviewing, we have understanding what is 3D animation.

Depend on the result, we get to know that 3D animation is the something that can see from all the different angles or something that we can see it in three dimension. In other way, 3D animation also can be described as a three dimensional animation, what we actually refer to is an animation where the objects appear to move realistically in three dimensions. We realized that 3D animation is not really important for everyone, it just for certain people or sometimes based on the individual usages. By the way, it is more useful for those who are in graphical and technological fields. We also have know that the 3D animation are attracted veryone and famous nowadays. It is because the 3D animation are something that people less view and another reason is 3D animation can let us view it in real. Other than that, 3D animation are mostly used in developing game and it is interesting to play like it got sound , images picture and animation. However, 3D animation doesn’t change our lifestyle. It just change our way to use it like its need to buy a new equipment for use to play an animation and support for computer. Other than that, we also have a better understanding about the process of making a 3D animation from the interview result of both lecturers.

Firstly, we have to plan it first before start working. Secondly, we need to know the purpose ,and then use the suitable software to design it. After that, we have to test it. And finally, the done work will be deliver to everyone. The 3D animation also have a function in aeronautical for the pilots to training. But however, 3D animation is not really useful in aeronautical, they are more focus to virtual reality. We also discovered that 3D animation have facing some problem such as the problem of developing and equipment. It needs long time to develop it and we must have a powerful computer and sometime some extra equipment to create it.

Besides that, we have to spend a lot of money on it. Moreover, not everybody can accept the idea of 3D animation. There are also some disadvantages of 3D animation such as it is very expensive, and may affect our body health. On the other hand, if we watch the 3D animation movies too long, it will make us feel dizzy, headache, eye-sight temporarily out of focus and walking just like a ‘zombie’. There are some multimedia software that mostly used by animators to design the 3D animation. Only the multimedia software can create the 3D animation more faster and easily.

One of the multimedia software is 3D Studio Max. Most of the 3D designers are prefer to use this software to design the 3D animation. In a past, 3D animation is mostly used in medicals field. But nowadays, 3D animation is increasingly widespread to entertainment, medical, aeronautical and any other fields. Furthermore, we have found that 3D animation are more better than the 2D animation because it is more reality if we compared it with the 2D animation. 3D version also let us to see all the angle of some image whereas we can only view the picture in 2D version just like while student doing experiment about the earts, with 3D, they can see it more clearly. In a nutshell, Our findings are limited because of the limited time we had. Besides, the result that we found are not 100% true and there are still some part of the research that we left out. However, in future, we believe that 3D animation can goes to other field because it is a good and successful technology. Conclusion In conclusion, based on our research, we believed that 3D animation may appear increasingly in the near future in our life.

Although, this may lead us to the conclusion that is 3D animation have make our life more wonderful and interesting. It bring us a lot of fun in terms of entertainment. Besides that, 3D animation also a quiet important in medicals, education, business, and aeronautical fields. Some company try to making profit by 3D animation such as the cinema play the 3D animation to earn profit, the game developer design a games to earn profit and so on. 3D animation popular in community nowadays and it prove that 3D animation can goes to other field because it is a good and successful technology.

It would be great to see more material in better quality by using 3D animation. 3D animation are more better than the 2D animation because it is more reality if we compare it with the 2D animation. 3D animation let us to see all the angle of some image whereas we can only view the picture in 2D animation. However, 3D animation may also bring us some disadvantages such as it may affect our healthy especially on the eyes. In addition, we also need a lot of money and time to set the equipment and not everybody can accept the idea of 3D animation.

Besides that, we know that 3D animation is not important for everyone and it just for certain people or sometimes based on the individual usages only. Actually, 3D animation are the good technology and it can let human become more advanced. 3D animation is something that combines art and technology to entertain, educate and inform us. We can realized that 3D animation is in everywhere such as in the movies we watch, in the commercials we see, in animated cartoons on televisions, on the internet, in our workplace, from the jury box in a trial, in the doctor’s office and on our cell phones.

So, 3D animation is useful for many people and we should treasure and use it with appropriate. Recommendations 3D animation graphic are very realistic nowadays. Some entertainment such as games and movie animation may contain sexuality or violence animation. When the child or teenager who are playing the game, it will let them follow the action. It will affect their mind and it may cause them to imitate their game character’s action. Because of this, they may have done illegal action.

Moreover, today’s kids spend more time exposed to and learning from the games and movie animation than they spend in school. The messages in some games and movie animation represent potentially powerful influences, and images of teens drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, using drugs, and engaging in risky sexual and other behaviors fail to convey the long-term consequences of bad choices. To solve this problem, the game and movie developer should limit the violence and sexuality action that may contain in the games or movie animation.

Besides that, the game and movie developer should obscure the parts that may contain inappropriate action or image. Government may also ban the games or movie animation that created too violence to prevent it to influence the mind of the users. They may also put the rating symbols that suggest age appropriateness for the game and movie animation in front of the cover pages to let the user know either the game or movie animation are suitable for them or not. In addition, the parents of the children also must be good at choosing the games or movie animation to their children.

Furthermore, parents must recognize the role of 3D animation as teachers in their children’s lives, pay attention to the messages, and talk to their kids to help them make good choices in real life. Based on the few paragraph in above, we believe that this problem can be control through this few method that we had suggested. However, there may have other suggestion that may more better than the suggestion given by us. Actually, 3D animation is a good technology, if we use it in the correct way, it may bring a lot of benefit to everyone.

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