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·The  sentence is emphasized by rendering it in a tone that greatly contrasts its background, meanwhile maintaining a lower level of urgency than the title text as to not overshadow the title - English language assignment Essay introduction. The italicization also denotes a more personal tone of relating the advantages from first hand experience.

·The way the phrase “get your job done” pops out by its size, boldness, and color, also catches the attention of the onlooker by quickly informing the onlooker of the nature of the poster: an innovative product that could help people perform their jobs more efficiently.

·The way the text frames the image of the Document Centre allows for a well-balanced relationship between text and image;directional lines also help in providing clear, basic instructions as to how to perform various tasks with the product.


11The availability of various media on the Acer Canada website is proof of the effectivity of technical communication. The fact that the information itself is made available through a page on the world wide web is a good example of technical communication at work.

12The manual for martin guitars showcases an effective example of technical communication by employing modern applications to traditional ink-on-paper media. Strategic layouting allows for ease of perception that delivers a clearer message as opposed to traditional text-only manuals, while the use of colorful and relaxing images engages the reader further.

13The  manual for making equations in Microsoft Word is especially helpful as it particularizes a certain use for the feature, empowering the reader with the knowledge of incorporating the tool for practical use. Images and arrows pointing at specific buttons on the toolbar also allow for information accuracy.


1Cultural differences are shown through the salutation as greetings are a fairly important part of one’s  culture. Slight differences in greeting alone could allow a person to determine the cultural origins of a person, and it is no different in formal letter salutations.

2The first paragraph of the letter plays an important part in the discussion of the business as it informs the recipient of the sincerity of the company with regards to the recipient’s welfare. The informing of the sender’s current state of affairs, also allows the recipient to share knowledge of his writer’s state, and is possibly observed in the formal culture of Japan.

3Telling Mr. Kirisawa of his own company shows that the feelings of genuine interest on the welfare of Mr. Kirisawa’s company by showing knowledge of the said company. This creates a better bond between the two parties and is a good foundation for business transactions.

4The third paragraph in the letter to Mr. Kirisawa imbibes a great sense of respect for tradition, a cultural facet which is strongly observed by the Japanese people, making this part of the letter effective in making an indirect sales pitch to Mr. Kirisawa as it shows that they are a company to be trusted.

5As Japan is a country that strictly observes  formality and honor, it would be somewhat low to blatantly make a sales pitch at the end of the letter. The more discreet route of expressing pleasure in the discussion of possible future business is a much better way than to seem like an untrustworthy merchant peddling their wares.


1The focus on individuals or groups, distance between ranks, and distance between business life and private life are variables that could affect international technical communication in various ways as their uniform application or generalization may be something that could be misconstrued as another thing by many cultures as the diversity between cultures is such a wides spectrum.

2In the excerpt from the Japanese electronic company, the introduction of the company’s history, denoting it’s trustworthiness, is mentioned on the onset. This is a perfect example of the observance of a culture’s variables, an example that creates a lasting impression on the company.

3Technical communication is not only restricted to words. The incorporation of language “crutches” such as visual aids and informative graphics. With the recent advancements in technology, more forms of media are also made accessible making them easier to break the language barrier between cultures.

4A good example for the instructional manuals are the “Books for Dummies” series that provides in-depth instructions and explanations on performing tasks. For understanding concepts, academic textbooks are the mos suited for the task, a good example is Jean-Paul Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism which expounds on the concept of Existentialism.

5Three Sentences:

·The manual explains everything you need to know

·He is here to assess he situation.

·The new foreman proposes to have a different approach to the project

6Press releases are statements that aim for publicity regarding a certain product, person,object, or whatever the object of the press release is all about. It often contains enthusiastic words as it seeks to catch attention from its readers which in turn leads to bigger publicity.

7The tone of the blog article differs from the company’s press release as though it used the press release as a source for information, it stresses out the shortcomings pf the company’s product, therefore lending a much more critical tone in the overall article.

8The site is intended for those who seek help and support from suffering Parkinson’s disease as well as for those who seek to help those in need from this affliction. It is fairly effective as its accessibility is the key step in helping and being help and the prominence of the website and the ease of contact as well as the helpful links on the site are major contributors to this point.

9Statement D is most suited for this scenario as it would most likely include specific reasons on how the software would not only improve the execution of jobs and performance of its workforce, but revenues and other factors may also prove worth it to the company as it may benefit them more especially in their times of economic problems.

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