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Ensure Safe Workplace

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For this case study I have visited an ABC chemical distributor which is located in rear of large metropolitan shopping precinct. ABC chemical purchases large quantities of cleaning chemicals.

ABC Chemical Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialty chemicals technologically sophisticated materials that find their way into applications in a variety of major markets. It is located nearby Aged Care Centre in within 50 meters of areas; there is also a small garden.

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The building of ABC company is look like built 10-12 years back as we can see there are limited numbers of equipment available at present and neither evacuation procedure plan nor enough emergency exits are in building.

When I visited it they received a delivery of chemicals almost 200 containers; as I observed the staff moving away all the containers, it looked like they aren’t properly trained nor know how to cope with emergencies.

What legislation applies and how it can complied with
A.Controlled substances ACT(1984)

B.Controlled substances (chemical) Regulation 1996
The Department of Health manages public health related issues involving chemical sale, supply, possession, labeling, storage, transport, disposal etc. or use of certain poisons, drugs, medicines and other substances, and of certain medical devices; to apply certain laws of the Commonwealth relating to therapeutic goods as laws of Australia; and for other related purposes. The control substances ACT relates to poisons and other substances as defined in the standards for the uniform scheduling of poisons.

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986 and Regulations 1995 Privacy protection of health and safety describe how hazardous substances must be properly managed in the workplace so that the work on the disease or illness can be prevented from hazardous substances. Hazardous substances are those that are identified by words such as “Dangerous”, “Warning”, “poison”
or “gift Dangerous”.

These regulations are the requirements to:

• Companies must record the safety data sheets (MSDS) for hazardous substances. (Material Safety Data Sheet contains specific information on classes of chemical hazards, safety precautions and emergency procedures). • Maintain a list of hazardous substances.

• Training to ensure safe work procedures.
• Security labeling of dangerous substances.
• The use of personal protective equipment.
Control of use Chemical Act 2002 and Regulation 2004
The Environment Protection Act requires persons to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimize any resulting environmental harm when disposing of chemicals. Causing a risk to human health or safety, and when disposing of poisons is an offence under the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations. This act requires users of chemicals to:

When disposing of chemicals, a person must take care to prevent or minimize contamination of: non-target land; animals or plants outside the target land; human health and safety; and the environment. Dangerous Substances Act 1979 and Regulations 2002

Some chemicals used in most of the companies are classified as hazardous and must be handled and transported safely. Hazardous substances are classified and grouped into different classes Australian Dangerous Goods Code The Hazardous Substances Act requires:

• licensing of mass transport and storage of dangerous goods. • Personal responsibility to take reasonable precautions and care: Holding, management, implementation, application and disposal of hazardous materials.

How can assessed the relevant risk and how can identified level of risk DescriptionDescriptorLevel of Risk
Very likelyInjury because of leaking and chemical spills on floor or groundHigh likelyBecause of not providing proper and enough training to workersLikely High Unlikely Fire because of unexpected natural disaster or human faultVery High Rare Death of any person on premise of ABC chemical companyLow

Risk Controlled Method
1.Chemical storage drums should be labeled properly
2.Reduce incident
3.Emergency evacuation way should be kept always clear
4.Provide enough emergency equipment’s
5.Provide proper training to all staff member especially on handling the chemical

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