Entrepreneurship Reflection

Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to improve a procedure or create a new innovated idea that will make them known.

It’s a matter of trying to bring their ideas to life in hopes to make a difference. This paper will go over: the effects of entrepreneurs in health care, positive and negative ways entrepreneurship affected health care and will include a current example of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in health care Entrepreneurs make changes in health care from how it’s delivered to the quality.Entrepreneurs are also “simplifying medical decisions, reinvigorating primary care, and lowering health-care costs” (Howard, 2010).

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They bring new ideas to the health care market that not only have the potential for recognition but it can also bring innovated ideas to health care. Is a time where people are looking for the lowest price and health care is not the exception. They are looking for new and improved technology and are often following what entrepreneurs have to offer.Positive ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field Entrepreneurs bring new technology that can help improve procedures, some of which can help move from inpatient to outpatient.

This attracts patients looking for less invasive procedures that have a lower recovery time. Machines are taking less time to do the work a doctor or nurse can do which allows the facility to have more patients. New technology and the equipment used can help provide more data that doctors need to improve health care.Entrepreneurs are their own boss and often work on areas that they are passionate about which keeps them focus and can benefit the health care community.

Entrepreneurs can make their own decisions and follow the projects they want to improve. Negative ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field Depending on the health care facility, most do not like to invest on new ideas that come from entrepreneurs that are just starting; this means going for those that have more experience in the field but also means spending more money to have their ideas incorporated.When ideas develop by entrepreneur look like they have potential, there is money that need to be invested before they can be use and at times this can mean having a partnership. Health care facilities will need to have their financial and attorney department working on the details and to keep up with potential setbacks.

Health care companies will also need to negotiate in order to obtain the best technology, ideas and medications there is to offer and that can improve their facilities before others take it from them.Is also a matter of negotiating with entrepreneurs if they want it to be exclusive to their facility. Entrepreneur example In today’s economy is not only important to been able to afford health care but to also know what our plan offers. Jake Winebaum is the CEO of brighter.

co, “His Company lets consumers compare dentists by price and reputation” (Zimmerman, 2012). The service his company provides is of great benefit to the patients as it allows comparing what the facility has to offer and the price. As a consumer this will allow me to see if I can receive the same quality of care but still save money.It will also allow me to see what else is there to be offer within the area that I am and what others have to say about it.

This is a good concept for other areas of health care, especially for elderly people. The only disadvantage is that not everyone has access to the internet and they will need to depend on someone that does which can be hard for the elderly population. It’s an advantage because it offers the comfort of knowing what you’re getting and compares it but it’s limited in use if the person does not have internet access.In conclusion, entrepreneurs bring positive aspects as well as negative aspects to health care.

Entrepreneurs have to focus on what is going to help the population and what service can be improved in health care but there are challenges that will need to be taken into consideration. Is important to look at areas that need improvement and manage to make their ideas come to life in an innovated way that will have them recognized but can also save health care company money as well as save patients money.

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