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Importance of Environment Environment is very important to all creatures including human - Environment: Life and Clean Water Supply introduction. It covers all aspect in life and without it, we cannot live. Soil, water, food and many more are required for us to survive in this world. All of these resources can be used for development of human being. It can be in term of for example, the way of life, on how we perceive life and how appreciate life Being part of this world, all humans should more aware of impact of the environment to our daily life. First and foremost, water, for instance, as one of the importance resources that human or any living thing cannot live without it.

Can you imagine a life without water? We wake up from sleep we want to wash our face, to brush our teeth, and even to water the plant. Water is basically ta chemical compound with the chemical H2O which it is contained one oxygen and two hydrogen. Almost 70% of this world is consisted of water which is ocean, river, groundwater, glaciers and even ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland. However there are less 0. 03% of fresh water like river, lake and the atmosphere. Fresh water is refers to sources that can be directly drink for it without to have go through any process.


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Unlike ocean where we have to go through certain processes in order to make sure the water can be drink safely. Let’s take another example of resources like tree. Tree is very important to us as it provides us oxygen, food and also it can prevent us from disaster. Other fact about tree is that it can control noise pollution, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), clean our air, and lastly act as windbreaks. People usually use tree to take its wood to make furniture, transportation, bridge and many more in improving human’s life.

However, lack of awareness of importance of tree like excessive logging may lead to the deterioration of environment as it can cause us like landslide, flashflood, forest fires, and even loss of biodiversity. Now in general, the reason why this issue has been discussed deeply among people is that this Earth is our home. This is where we live, breath, eat, and raise our children. The most importantly, in Islam, each of Muslim has been appointed to be a Khalifah in this world. We have taken on whatever that Allah has given to us, or otherwise we will be asked in the Hereafter.

To add into that statement, environment is one of our responsibilities that we have to carry. Apart from that, environment also can affect our food chain. The sun provides light and heat for plants. The plants are consumed by animals who are in turn consumed by other animals who may in turn, be consumed by humans. Or perhaps they are used for material, clothing, etc. Even insects like mosquitoes play a role and of course bees pollinate plants. The deterioration of the environment, often referred to as environmental degradation, threatens the earth’s natural resources such as our clean water supply, fossil fuels for energy and food supply.

Many of these resources are nonrenewable so when they run out we will be forced to find new alternatives. Another reason why the environment is so important is because it is a source of natural beauty. According to Healthy nature healthy people: contact with nature as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations, a research paper written by Cecily Maller, Mardie Townsend, Anita Pryor, Peter Brown and Lawrence St Leger, nature plays a key role in human health and well-being.

The paper even suggests that contact with nature might play a role in preventing mental illness. Unfortunately the planet is in danger. Many species of animals and plants are nearing distinction. Our clean water supply is at risk and more and more of our beautiful, open spaces are disappearing as new buildings and factories are built. All people should be exposed to this issue or otherwise our future generation will suffer. It is like we put them in hell in this world.

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