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Environmental Protection Than on Economic Development

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  • Pages 2
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    Nowadays, whether government should focus Its budget more on environmental protection than on economic development has triggered a heated debate. Some people think that the government should concentrate more on economy. Because they believe that the only way to make people live and enjoy better Is developing economic. However, from my own perspective, It’s necessary for government to put more budgets on Improving environment. Reasons are as follows. First of all, environment and our life are closely bound up. If the environment Is contaminated, awe will be Infected with several disease and even die.

    For Instance, once I watch news In a website said that a group of students graduated from college In 1982. Tyler of them still stayed in Beijing while others chose to go abroad. Thirty years later, eight people who work and live in Beijing had cancers and finally die because of the contamination such as air pollution and water pollution. But people who live abroad still keep healthy. We can learn from the news that environment is close to our daily life, and sometimes pollution poses a potential hazard to health. It’s widely accepted that people’s life is more important than everything.

    If most people are ill and die due to inefficient environmental protections, development of economy will seem to be useless. Second, if we don’t attach more importance to environmental protection, there will be various catastrophes which may influence the society and do harm to economic development. Some developing countries are good case in point. To earn more money, they make numerous things which destroy the environment such as cutting down trees, overstocking, over-exploitation, discharging polluted water to the rivers but do not think about consequences.

    As a result, they suffer from many natural calamities ranging from mud-rock flow, sand storm to earthquake, which surely will influence the rate of economic growth. If they focus its budgets more on environmental protection and nip the potential hazard of natural disasters in the bud, maybe these kinds of things will not happen. In a nutshell, compared with developing economic, I think it’s essential to put more budgets on protecting our environment because environment plays an Important role In humans dally life and the development of finance and society.

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