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Environmental security

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Environmental security is one of modern worlds raging topics, and one that should conern us all; as indiviuals, as a nation and as a part of this precious Earth. Environmental security scrutinizes the possible disastrous and negative implications of environmental events on the world of today. It revolves around a very sensitive theme, of the powerful impact of years of human conflict and international relations on the environment and how this possible threat will not only effect one country, but the world in general and the consequences of this will be unimaginable.

In this article the authors have done a brilliant analysis of what will happen, and is a matter of fact, is happening now if evironmental security isn’t considered a serious threat similar to how the world percieves military threat. The world of today isn’t the same as two centuries ago; the population has risen from about one billion to seven billion! If we don’t stop our ways of war and pollution now soon there won’t be any food to feed the populace.

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Environmental security
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The damage done to the environment is shocking and the consequences have begun to reveal themselves. Climate change and global warming are messing with the balance of the world and agriculture has begun to suffer. With decrease in food production and the unsual yet severe climate changes, environmentaly caused conflicts are inevitable. This conflicts need to be prevented at all costs, for once they start there is no end to them. Richard Ullman acknowledged that it is intellectually challenging to incorporate non-military threats into the concept of national security. But he contended that such issues as population growth in developing nations and the accompanying competition for control of resources and transboundary migration, could result in severe conflict. This needs to be prevented at all costs. This paper has highlighted some of the ways in which we can prepare ourselves to deal with this impending doom which include implementation of immidiate measures to protect the environment as well as our natural resources. The U.S. in particular will be greatly vunerable and a deeper understanding of the causes and effect of lack of environment security will benefit the North American societies and communities greatly by means of economic and social success. In my opinion I think this article does an excellent job describing the problems the world is expected to face if we don’t do something to prevent it now.

This article has given in depth analaysis of how it all started and that if we dont do something now, chaos will reign supreme. More than half the population of the world will die hungry and civil as well as national unrest will be massive. In this complexed “Global Village” there is no running away from the all-to-real threat of environmental security. Through this article, i have learned that every human being is responsible for the protection of our Earth and steps need to be taken now to leave behind a peaceful world for our future generations. In conclusion, we need to start acting responsibly and need to make sure that under no circumstance should conflicts and other directly related issues to environmental security ever arise, for if they do the world will be in for the battle of the ages.

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