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The environment is deteriorating and worsening over time, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to grab people’s attention. This crisis is mainly caused by development and industrialization, and it’s disheartening that no one seems to care. If nothing is done, it will hinder progress not just in Malaysia but globally. We, the inhabitants of this planet, have lost our consciousness and conveniently ignored our responsibility to protect the environment. The younger generation today lacks awareness about the severity of this issue. They prioritize their careers and personal well-being, failing to realize that our environment is heading towards a catastrophe if we turn a blind eye. Pollution, disasters, diseases, loss of innocent lives, and depletion of natural resources are imminent unless each individual on this earth starts thinking about and caring for the environment.

we are confronted with pollution in water,
and noise; however,the most dangerous and life-threatening is air pollution.

Open burnings, such as the haze from Indonesia and smoke from exhaust pipes, unfiltered smoke tunnels, cigarette ash, and hazardous chemical fumes from factories are the main sources of pollution. These pollutants have a significant impact on public health, causing illnesses like asthma, breathing difficulties, and respiratory organ cancers. Furthermore, this pollution has economic consequences for the government as it leads to losses in tourism revenue (particularly during haze episodes) and productivity due to illness-related absences. These financial resources could have been better utilized for purposes like education and poverty eradication. It is important to recognize that our drinking water undergoes a complex process before being considered safe.

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