Environmental Today

Environment today is worsening along with time and worse; it does not seem to draw the attention of the people. The main cause of this crisis in the name of development and industrialization. The saddest truth is no one gives a „DAMN?. If nothing is done, it will definitely be an impediment to developments and is not only happening in Malaysia but around the globe. All of us living here on this planet are losing our conscience and have conveniently ignored our responsibility to care for the environment. There is not much awareness in today?s younger generation about the seriousness of this matter. What they think about is their career and being well being in life but have missed the point that our environment is a catastrophe in the making if we give a closed pair of eyes to it. Pollution, disasters, diseases, loss of innocent lives, and depletion of natural sources to name a few would be staring at us soon and would be the news of the day. All these could be avoided and eaverted if every single soul living on this earth gives a thought and cares for our environment. On hand, we have pollution to water, land and noise. The most life threatening and hazardous is air pollution.

Open burnings, especially the haze from Indonesia and on a lesser extent locally plus the smoke released from the exhaust pipes, unfiltered smoke tunnels, cigarette sand hazardous chemical fumes from factories are the main pollutants. It causes illness and put lives at stake, sickness like asthma, breathing difficulties, cancerous diseases on the airways, lungs and other respiratory organs would be on the rise. Our government would lose millions of ringgit in term of loss of revenue from tourism (haze especially), loss pf productive labour hours through illness and higher ill. This money would have been channelled to better use like education and eradication of poverty. Water that we consume everyday has gone through a labyrinth processes before it is fit for drinking..

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