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Equality and Inequality in Human Society

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Undoubtedly, there is no equality in human society and inequality is a way to keep the society to improve. Plato’s argument of the Principle of Specialization is realistic enough for use to form a society. As stated before, variety is the key to relate ?§inequality?? and the Principle. However, the utopia is not reachable when there are different wills within the people. Inequality usually causes instability especially when people are not well trained in self-mastery. Plato’s utopia requires all people with high quality, that is, being rational and able to control their own desires.

It seems too far away from the recent world.

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Equality and Inequality in Human Society
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The fundamental premise Plato introduces is the idea of ?§innate difference??. Without this difference, the Principle of Specialization becomes impossible according to Plato’s theory. We have to admit that there is no equality within any society. However, we can have fairness if we define ?§fairness?? by ?§in accordance with what is deserved??. They do not have necessarily to be equal.

So a society with inequality is still a fair society.

Many people are against Plato suggesting human beings should have equal rights. In Plato’s utopia, people are not equal and are placed in different class. These people basically do not admit that human being are not born naturally equal. If we look at the definition of fairness again, we can find that a just society is supposed to be ?§fair?? instead of ?§equal??. Inequality, if viewed negatively, can mean treating but unreasonably. However, we can think of ?§inequality?? in a positive way by relating to ?§variety??. In fact, this is the original point of view from Plato about the Principle of Specialization.

Equality often refers to the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment. However, we consider here that equality in a society means that everyone has the same quality, same ability and same amount of property. Inequality is the.

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