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error correction codes

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1)What are the questions you need to ask and the concerns you need to

address before you perform a memory upgrade on a specific machine?

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error correction codes
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Where can you get the infomation you need?

a) To upgrade menory on a specific system board is to consult the manual

of the system board that is supplied by the maker of the system board.

The supplied manual will supply all needed infomation required to do the

task of upgrading. In the supplied manual will be the needed infomation on

1) type of memory used.

2) the speed of memory required. 3) the total

amount of memory the system board can support. 4) jumper pin settings

required so the system board can reconize the new added memory or

settings can be change by system BIOS or supplied software. 5) the location

on the system board in which were to install the memory.

2) See attached print out of web based search data base and

print out of system board supplier web base manual on line.

2)Fill in the table below. Be shure to use correct units in your answer.

Microprocesser Number of Maximum Amount of

Address Lines Memory Address

8088 20 1 meg

80286 24 16 meg

80386DX 32 4096 meg

80486DX 32 4096 meg

Penitum 32 4096 meg

Pentium II,III 36 65536 meg

The Galaxy 64 17.5 TB

4)Explain how parity and ECC error checking works.

Answeres supplied by Webopedia web page look up search engine.

attached print out of webopedia attached.

1) ECC Memory . ECC is short for Error-Correcting Code memory,

a type of memory that includes special circuitry for testing

the accuracy of data as it passes in and out of memory.

2) Parity . The quality of being either odd or even. The fact

that all numbers have a parity is commonly used in data

communications to ensure the validity of data. This is

3) See page 186 of text for added infomation on Parity and ECC.

5)Interpret the two Advertisement #3 memory ads on the attached page.

1 x 36 = 1 x (36/8) = 1 x 4 = 4 megbyte (4mb memory)

Type of memory is Fast-Page Parity 70 ns, 72 pin

See attached catalog copy of fast page 30 pin SIMM

64 megbyte memory using ECC (Error correcting codes)

Type of memory is PC100 ECC SDRAM at 100 mhz speed.

See attached web page print out on PC-100 SDRAM layout.

A+ Managing and Maintaining Your PC
Third edition
jean Andrews, Ph. D.

ISBM 0-619-00038-4

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error correction codes. (2018, Sep 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/error-correction-codes-essay/

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