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But You Can Just Go

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But you can just go – I used to be a wooden pole fan and what I would do to get into tighter quarters, because you find yourself rolling in a hallway and you’re like bang, bang, bang, bang. I cut them short, I cut them down to two foot, and I was fine with that and I loved it forever.

I liked this too.

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But You Can Just Go
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Forever they were my favorite things, because I’m cheap, so it was like you know five bucks, that’s what I would do, and I would go out to my chopsaw and it’s.

It’s like a wooden daggit, would you sayYeah, exactly, it’s like a Pete rollerpool, but it’s got the attachment for the – yeah. Well, so I [inaudible 00:39] splurging and spending – I wouldn’t say it’s like 25-30 bucks, but I paint all the time, for an adjustable rollerpool. It’s metal, it’s two foot long, you extend it up, it goes to four foot, it is amazing.

Really And I love it, and it’s super light, it’s not, you know, it’s one of my favorite little things that I bought, because I do paint a lot and it helps my back, I have shoulder problems, and I guess if you’re DIY or whatever, it’s no big deal. You don’t paint that often. But if you’re a DIYer who happens to play tennis, and have a shoulder problem, I highly recommend doing the adjustable pole. So that was like a lot of non-useful information.

No that’s fine. Because I might pull that in as a tip somewhere else.

Of course, also sandpaper, you can buy a pack of sandpaper that has three different grits. Usually they’re formulated for process sanding, a heavy grit all the way down to a fine grit, you know.

The finer the grit, the smoother the finish.

The finer the grit the smoother the surface, yeah. The lower the number, the rougher the surface, and I don’t know, that’s just good to have around. It’s like every time you go to the hardware store buy a sheet of sandpaper, it’s 40 cents and you never want to run out. Because the studio makes the steel and you don’t want to be resentful for the rest of your life. What else…

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