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About Brand Image: Results

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    Most of the respondents are aware of Bajaj Auto Company. 50 Cent percent of the respondents are aware of the other Auto companies in India. Baja is the company that majority of the respondents are able to recall based on their awareness, followed by ape and atul respectively. The study shows that Advertisement does play an important role in Marketing Communication for it is the major source through which majority of the respondents have come to know of various Auto companies operating in India, followed by friend and broker.

    Majority of the respondents have rated Bajaj as the best Auto Company. It is based on the parameters like Brand image, Reliability, with acceptance to respondents. The study shows that increasing ads and promotional activities are some of the ways by which Bajaj Auto can withstand competition in the market.  The study shows that ethics, advertisement, market share and Service are the important factors that represent the Brand Image of a company.


    Advertisement is one of the most effective means for communicating with customers. If Bajaj Auto concentrates more on ads it will be able to attract more customers and this will also help the company to withstand competition in the industry.  The company will be able to improve its brand awareness and brand image through effective marketing communication. (Advertisements)  Concentrating more on, Service, advertisement and Technology Up gradation of workforce would help Bajaj Auto to be the market leader.  Services such as Customer Meet, etc should be encouraged. * The company has to provide more favorable Service and Quality for achieving customer satisfaction.


    Bajaj auto Company is the first largest Auto Company in India. The study reveals that the company has achieved this position because of its efficient market operation and, the service and quality adopted by it. In order to improve its growth and to expand its market share in future the company should concentrate more on advertisement, technology up gradation, and also improve the efficiency of its workforce.. From the survey it was found out that a company can improve its brand image only if it has good market share, advertisement, and efficient work force. So it is one of the areas where the firm should be more alert so as to improve as well as maintain its Brand Image.

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